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How do you remove a poop spot and odor from the sofa upholstery?


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Get to the pet store and get yourself "Outright Pet Odor Elimiator" for the odor. Pet odor is protein-based and needs an enzyme product to eat it up. It may also take the poop spot out (at least it does for me). Be sure your uphostery can be cleaned with water first, if it can be cleaned with water, then this product is safe for it. You can tell by looking at the tag at the bottom of the furniture somewhere.

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But leather polish on the sofa, dont rip it off because then the sofa will get torn.

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Cold water, gentle soap, and a brush.

Sofa covers are relatively popular among bachelors, given the cost of fabric cleaning. It is much easier to remove a cover and throw it in the washing machine than it is to clean a sofa.

You can always remove the mattress and leave the frame in the sofa. In many cases the frame helps support the seat cushions.

because its a sofa is stuffed with sofa

To remove dust from a fabric sofa either vacuum it with the dust tool provided on modern day vacuums or you can carefully use sticky tape to remove fluff and other things. Hoover refers to a genericised trademark for any vacuum cleaner.

Owning an antique sofa can add some flare to your home, but also requires upkeep. When cleaning the upholstery it is important to use a non harmful chemical or soap. You can find special solutions at any major supermarket that will treat these sofas well.

get color dye and or alcohol may work

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A professional carpet/furniture cleaner may be able to help you.

Check your sofa's fabric care label. It may be that you have removable, washable covers that can be put in the washing machine. If not, then you could try an upholstery cleaner on the area. Spot test a small area first! To help with the smell, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the stain and leave to dry before hovering up.

I used fingernail polish remover, very delicately, and it worked!

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