How do you remove a virus from a Nokia N73 mobile?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: How do you remove a virus from a Nokia N73 mobile?
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how do you remove the silent mode from a nokia N73

How do you remove virus from Nokia N73 mobile?

its very easy take your mobile and go to bathroom and put your mobile in water,after five minute your mobl wil be virus free.its true try one time

How do you remove n73 virus?

You need to run one of these anti virus programsF-Secure Anti-Virus for Nokia PhonesSymantec Antivirus Software for Symbian PhonesKaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile (Symbian)

Where can one purchase a Nokia N73 mobile phone?

Someone can purchase a Nokia N73 mobile phone from any retailer that sells cell phones from Nokia, whether it be a store specific to only one mobile company, or a generic retailer like Best Buy.

How i can remove viruses from nokia n73 music edition?

re-install software

How do you install java runtime environment on nokia n73?

why i can' install JRE on nokia n73

Nokia n73 model how much Saudi riyals?

how how the nokia n73 in Saudi riyal

How reset nokia n73 lock code?

Hi how to rest i forgot my password in Nokia N73

Can you have whatsapp on a Nokia n73?

Nokia N 73

Does nokia n73 support whatsapp?


Can symbian 0s 9.5 can be used in nokia n73?

No, This is the most worst thing about NOKIA mobile phone, you cant upgrade to the next available version of Operating System.

Where is the memory card on the nokia n73?

on the bottom