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Reclean with fresh water. Dry and then try 48 hours service of commecial ozone generator.

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Q: How do you remove bleach smell from carpet?
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How do you remove bleach spots carpet using peroxide?

You can't remove bleach spots using a different bleach.

How do you remove kerosene smell from car carpet?

Kerosene smell car carpet

How do you remove sick smell from carpet?

You can either remove your carpet and add a new one, or wash the carpet

How do you remove cat urine smell from the dirt under a mobile home?


How do you remove bleach smell from clothes?

Bleach will dissipate into the air on its own over time. The best way to rid clothes of a bleach smell is of hang them outside to dry. You also may want to rinse it out thoroughly.

How do i easily remove the smell and the yellow color in my toilet?

Bleach will help with the smell. Rust removal products such as CLR can remove the stains. But, never mix the two.

How do get rid of spilled egg smell in the trunk carpet?

To get rid of spilled egg smell in the trunk carpet first remove all the egg residue. Next, use a carpet cleaner on the carpet. Lastly, spray the area with an odor eliminator like Febreeze.

Remove a musty smell in the basement from carpet?

That musty smell could be coming from mold in the carpet and or it's padding, as basements tend to be damp. You could have the carpet cleaned professionally or clean it yourself with a good carpet cleaner. If this is unsuccessful it may be necessary to replace the carpet padding or both the carpet and it's padding.

How do you remove rotten potato smell from car trunk carpet?

soap hot water sponge and Clorox to get rid of the smell febreeze!

How do you get prawn smell out of a carpet?

How did you get prawn smell into the carpet to begin with?

Does bleach get charcoal stains out of a carpet?

I think the question you need to ask is "what effect will chracoal and bleach have on my carpet"

How do you get bleach out of your carpet?

You don't. Bleach removes the color of fabric.