How do you remove dental cement from braces at home?

You don't. Removing the brackets alone can cause severe damage, and the bands on the molars require precise dental tools. The glue that holds the brackets on is also near impossible to remove without a dental drill. Trust me, it's a terrible idea. Just leave them alone.

Of course, I believe you're asking about removing cement residue after your braces have come off, in which case there are a few options. You can scrape at it with a dental pick to get the jagged edges off, but this will take quite a while. You would be better off going back to the orthodontist-they should remove the residue for free since they failed to do so completely in the first place.

The residue should come off on its own in a few months with regular brushing and a dental pick, but of course it will be easier and faster to just go back to the orthodontist.