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Q: How do you remove dried glue stains from clothing?
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How do you remove hair glue from clothing?

Most glues that are sold also has a solvent, check where you bought the glue and see if there is a solvent. Also you can try salt, olive oil, shampoo, and club soda mixed on the glue......let it sit for about 10 minutes then rinse out. Do this a couple of times to remove the stain.

How do you get glue stains off chiffon material?

Probably impossible as the glue is generally more durable than chiffon.

What do you use to remove adhesive from clothing?

That is a very vague question and almost impossible to answer. It's necessary to know WHAT glue and on WHICH material. I wouldn't the same remover universally. If i get ABS yellow glue on a cotton blend shirt, i remove it with Whitlam's Glue wash - This will not work for most other things. If I get white glue on a T-shirt, hot soapy water often works.- You need to re-write and specify glue and material.

How can I remove a colored stain on your clothes?

Different stains come from different materials, which means that there are different ways to remove them. Something like milk or glue requires that you rinse it in cold water and avoid using hot water. Something like mustard or ink will dye the clothes, even after you pretreat and rinse it with hot water, you may even have to consider bleach. Oily and waxy stains should be pretreated with a liquid detergent. Try and determine what type of stain is on your clothing before you wash it out.

Is dried glue still flammable?

Some is and some isn't. There are thousands of kinds of 'glue' . -Name your glue, then we may be able to give a sensible answer.

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How do you remove dried all-purpose glue from clothing?

Name the glue - 'all purpose glue' is far too vague.

How do you remove glue stains dropped on a fiberglass tub when installing plumbing?

It would help immensely if you said WHICH glue made the stains. As this was during plumbing, it may have been yellow ABS Glue, in which case your best remover is Whitlam's Glue Wash. -Rub the stains with a rag dipped in this and they should soften and come off -IF it's ABS glue.Next time please -Name your Glue -

How can you remove hair extension glue out of clothing?

You can use 90% alcohol

How do you remove dried carpenter's glue from Cambria countertop?

Hot water and dish soap

How do you remove dry super glue off plastic once it is dried?

acetone nail varnish remover

How do you remove cement glue from clothing?

Try rubbing with an ice cube, then picking it off

How do you remove yellow stains caused by glue coming through at wood moldings?

A. - Put less glue on in future. B -paint it over with a 'high hide' primer like Kilz

How can you avoid a glue stain showing through a clear varnish finish?

You cannot. A glue stain, or any stain will show through clear varnish. It is always better to try and remove all stains or marks before varnishing. Almost every glue has a solvent that will remove it.

Is there a way to remove fishe glue?

It depends where you want to remove it from. If you want to remove the glue from furniture or clothing then you need to try adding vinegar. It has always worked for me. 1. Heat some vinegar in a saucepan. 2. Dab (with kitchen towel) the stains with the heated vinegar. It will take about five minutes until the vinegar has absorbed the glue. 3. You will see a stain that the vinegar has made so wash the material in the washing machine about 2 or 3 times until it has gone. Hopefully the glue will have dissapeared. If this doesn't work: Try freezing the material for a few days and then peel the glue off, however I strongly recommend the heated vinegar way.

How do you remove lots of dried sylicone calk from hands?

Use Whitlam's Glue Wash hand cleaner. It removes all glue products from skin. Available at good plumbing stores.

Can you glue on top of dried glue?

Yes, but it may not achieve much.

How do you remove super glue from brass?

To remove super glue from brass use very hot soapy water. You need to be patient, and after a few applications, the superglue should be removed.Note that with very stubborn super glue stains you may need to use almost boiling water to get rid of all the super glue residue.As with any sort of stain, try to clean as soon as the super glue is applied as it's easier to remove before it sets.