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remove obvious screws and pop out... everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the REFERENCE section...make copies of the right sections...good luck :)

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Q: How do you remove drivers side door panel on 2001 volkswagon passat?
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Where can I find the fuel diagram for a 2003 Passat?

the fuse panel is on the end of drivers side dash. remove the panel, there should be a card inside

How do you remove door panel on 2000 passat?


Where is the odb on a 1996 vw?

The 1999 Volkswagon Passat OBD 2 port is pull off panel is next to steering column

How do you remove Passat door panel?

how do you fix a window on pass side of a vw passat 2002

How do you remove the interior door panel of a 98 VW Passat?

Use a screw driver, remove the screws in the panel and remove the clips in the panel. Pull the panel out gently, remove any wire connections, and remove the panel completely.

How to remove on passenger door panel on a VW Passat?

Using a screw driver, remove the screws and clips from the panel. Pull the panel away from the frame, remove the wiring connections, and the panel will come free.

How do you open drivers door panel on 2005 sienna?

;how to remove drivers door panel to repair door restrictor

Fusebox location 1999 passat?

It is located at the end of the dash on the drivers side. The panel faces the door so you have to have the door open to access the panel.

Where is the fuse box in a 1999 VW Passat?

On the drivers side, it is on the panel beside the sterring wheel, It pops off and the fuse box is under that side panel!

How do you open the fuse box on a VW Passat?

early passat fuse box was by drivers knee, later ones are on the end of the dash board behind a panel. You have to open drivers door the prise off the cover, there is no screws or bolts, even though panel feels tight you have to grit your teeth and pull hard.

How do you Remove interior door panel 2004 grand am?

How do you remove the drivers door panel and fix the window. It fell off the track.

How do you replace temperature control panel in passat?

Detach the negative battery cable. Remove the bezel to get access to the control head and remove its screws. Remove the control panel. Pry the clips free. Disconnect cables from the heater. Install the new control panel.

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