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Remove the driver of it in the the Control Panel-Devices And Printer-Right Click On the REMOVE DRIVER From iT

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Q: How do you remove floppysign on the computer?
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Explain how you have to remove a software from your computer?

Click start-->control panel-->add & remove programs. Select / highlight the software you want to remove from the computer. Click remove. The computer automatically remove the software.

How do you remove computer on a 1988 ford f150?

how do i remove the computer on a 1989 ford f-150

As long as you remove the software from the original computer will it be legal.?

As long as you remove the software from the original computer will it be legal.

How you will remove a software from your computer?

in winxp, go to control panel and open add/remove programs. click on the software you want to remove and click remove. follow the instructions and it wil remove the software from computer.

How can i replaced a 2000 dodge neon computer?

The 2000 Dodge Neon computer is behind the kick plate on the passenger side of the passenger compartment. Remove the kick plate. Remove the computer retaining bolts. Remove the computer wiring harness.

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Search your computer for "Uninstall Wizard101" click on it, then it will start to remove it from your computer. It's a shame you're leaving!

If your computer has a virus?

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How does one remove a Trojan virus from one's computer?

There are many ways one can remove a trojan virus from one's computer. One can remove a trojan virus from their computer by downloading a virus removal software such as Sophos.

How do you reset computer on Dodge Caliber?

To reset computer on dodge caliber. remove the dodge caliber, remove the negative and positive cable from the battery. You can then reset your computer.

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Remove your processor, but then you wont have a working computer.

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What happens after you remove a computer Trojan?

your computer will be back to normal

How do you get rid of viruses on your computer?

To remove computer viruses, you can run a virus scan using antivirus software. This should find any viruses on your computer, and allow you to remove them.

What is computer grime and how do I get rid of it?

Computer grime is dirt engrained into something. To remove it clean your computer.

How do you remove images from a computer if they are not on the hard drive?

You can't, it has to be in the computer to access it.

When do you clean your computer?

you use antivirus and scan the computer then remove the virus

How do I remove Apple Software updates off your computer?

Is this a Mac computer? Type "remove updates" into the help window from the help menu.

What programs can be used to remove Trojans from an infected computer?

Antivirus programs can be used to remove trojans from an infected computer. This can be done simply by running a scan with the program on the infected computer.

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To remove advertisements from your computer, you should disable popups. This can help to keep your computer from being spammed with popups and advertisements each time a webpage is opened.

How do you remove the virus in a computer?


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'it' means what?

How can you remove virus from the computer?

get it vaccinated.

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