How do you remove front brake rotors on F350 1997 Ford 4 by 4 They seem to be stuck and they don't separate from the hub?

You more than likely need to press all the wheel studs out of the hub. After doing this the hub should separate from the rotor. You may want to consider getting new studs as well. This won't actually help much, if at all, and is likely to require replacing the studs- an unnecessary complication and expense.

A heavy-duty gear puller- preferably a hydraulic model used with a judicious application of heat from a propane or other welding/brazing torch will break free the adhesions between the disk mounting plate and the hub.

Oh and stand out of the way, because they have a tendency to let go pretty briskly.

To avoid having to deal with this in the future, coat the mating surfaces with never-seize- making sure its one of the many high-temperature formulations.