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take the chrome sill plate off and then you can pull out the kick panel from the bottom of it.

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Q: How do you remove front kick panel in 1971 Chevelle?
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How do you remove front kick panels with vent in 1971 Chevelle?

The door sill plates need to be removed, then the screws need to be removed. Then the panel should just wiggle loose.

How do you remove wiper blades from a 1971 Chevelle?

they pull upward off the spline posts.

How do you remove front seats on 1971 vw beatle?

How to remove front seats on 1971 vw Beatle

Can you put a 1970 Chevelle front clip on a 1971 Chevelle?

YES it will bolt right on with no problems. You WILL need the headlight wiring harness from a '70 to accommodate the 4 headlight system though.

When was Chevelle Hallback born?

Chevelle Hallback was born on 1971-09-03.

How do you remove a rear axle in a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle?

Your best bet is to have someone do it for you. But if you insist then I insist that you buy a Haynes manual.

Are the windshields of a 1971 4-door Chevelle and a 1972 2-door Chevelle interchangeable?


How do you install headers on 1971 Chevelle?

you dont

Rims fit on a 1971 Chevelle?


How do you remove the dashboard in a 1971 Chevelle?

You need to purchase a book, possibly a Haynes Manual. it is more detailed than could be explained here.

Which is the fastest 1971 charger 1970 Chevelle SS 1971 Gtx 1970 superbird 1970 roadrunner or a new mitsubishi lancer any year?

the chevelle

How rare is 1971 Chevy chevelle?

it depends on what color or engine you have in it. if it is a 454 with colors that you wont usually see on a 1970's chevelle without a paint job just a factory color, then you might have a rare 1971 chevelle