How do you remove headliner in 1990 Oldsmobile ninety-eight?

pull off all trim pieces around border of headliner, remove sun visors and all interior courtesy lights. After removing assist handles and coat hanger supports there are 6 velcro patches that hold the headliner in place, 2 at the windshield, 2 toward the center of the panel and 2 at the rear window. Once the headliner has dropped down and after reclining front seats gently rotate board out the passenger side front door being careful to not bend this board too much thus insuring the board is in good shape to receive new material. Many fabric stores sell headliner material in an asst. of colors and this can be adhered to the old board using Loctite spray adhesive or a substitute. To remove the board and to get it back in the car it is best for 2 people to handle this job therefore insuring that you are less likely to damage it.