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On the the ceramic tile you can use nail polish remover. Get set up first! Have a small bowl of warm soapy water ready, then take a small amount of nail polish remover on a piece of cotton ball and rub a tiny area to test and if all is well take the rest of the nail polish off and IMMEDIATELY wipe it off with the warm soapy water and take a paper towel and dry the wet spot. As far as drywall you'll simply have to repaint this area. If the paint on the drywall has been on for sometime you may have to paint the whole wall to get the same color as the rest of the walls.

For especially large or otherwise difficult nail polish spills, try using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser after completing the aforementioned steps.

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How do you remove nail polish from painted surfaces?


How do you remove ceramic tile that is glued to drywall?

You use a pry-bar around the edges to ease it off properly.

Will a mr clean magic eraser damage ceramic tile and drywalls?

No, it will not damage them, but may be impossible to erase or remove from drywall.

How do you remove dry erase marker from painted wall?

Nail Polish Remover

Will furniture polish remove glue from painted metal?

It's worth a try.

How do you remove nail polish from a painted wall?

Try Mr Clean Erasers.

How do you remove hair dye from a painted door?

I rubbed stain with non-acetonenail polish remover pad and then went over with ceramic cooktop cleaner. Went over a couple of times and it came off like a charm.

Will nail polish remover take sap off windshields?

Nail polish will remove sap from glass, but do not try it on a painted surface! Also, be sure not to drip any polish remover on the car finish - it may remove it, too. If you can get it at a hardware store or art store, turpentine will remove sap, and is much safer if you drip it on painted surfaces.

How do you remove fingernail polish off of plastic framework inside a car?

Fingernail polish is actually a strong glue. When you remove it it will damage all plastics because it is actually glued on the plastic not painted. Try "Goof-Off" brand to minimize the damage

Is it necessary to remove contaminated wood and drywall after hive removal?

No, it isn't . The wood and drywall are NOT contaminated.

How do you remove venetian plaster from drywall?

There is no effective way to do this without destroying the surface of the drywall. It is more cost-effective to simply replace the drywall.

Can you drywall over wallpaper?

Usually, there is drywall under the wallpaper. It is not difficult to remove the wallpaper (by steaming, or another method) to get to the basic drywall. Then, you can texture it and then paint it.

How do you remove rat urine from drywall?

Rat urine will actually saturate the drywall. Drywall is very porous. The best bet is to cut out and replace that section.

How do you remove french nail polish?

Are you serious?? You remove it the same way you would remove any nail polish.... with nail polish remover.

How do you remove no chip nail polish?

To remove no chip nail polish, using fingernail polish remover is the easiest way to get the polish off. The only thing you need to remove fingernail polish is a paper towel and the fingernail polish remover.

How do you remove Gloss sealer Finish from ceramic tile?

How do you remove gloss sealer finish from ceramic tile that has left a film?

How do you remove oil based primer from the wall?

If it's on drywall, then you cannot remove it.

Will rubbing alcohol remove glue from painted metal?

I use lemon fresh pledge, furnature polish, it will not damage anything but will remove the glue.ANS 2 - I find 99% alcohol is better for that.

How do you remove mildew from ceramic tile adhesive?

Remove the adhesive.

How do you hang glass on drywall?

You either frame it in a wood frame a and screw it to the drywall, or get 'mirror clamps ' from the hardware store. Try to avoid gluing it to drywall, it's extremely difficult to remove without wrecking the drywall

Does nail polish remove pen ink?

No, nail polish can not remove pen ink. Nail polish -remover- might remove pen ink but I am not sure.

Does alcohol remove nail polish?

It can remove it from the skin, but it does not work as a substitution for polish remover.

How do you remove all paint off of drywall?

That's almost impossible . As drywall is so porous paint soaks right into it.

How do you remove moisture from drywall?

you can use a fan or a heat gun.

How much to remove drywall?

Costs vary by geographic location.