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We had a massive amount of nail polish spilled on our beautful hardwood floors. We scrubbed & scrubbed with mineral spirits and that worked, but took a LOT of elbow grease! Then we sprayed on some hairspray, left it on for about 15 seconds and the nail polish WIPED RIGHT OFF!!! Amazing! We tried several different brands and the one that worked the best was TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold aerosol. We also used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser which made the job go even faster.

I just wanted to say we also had a massive amount of nail polish on our beautiful hardwood floors and we used TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold aerosol and a non abrasive scrubber and a lot of elbow grease and it came off pretty easy. You saved my daughter's life thank you.

Do not apply nail polish remover to the stain; it will quickly damage finish. Instead, soften the nail polish by rubbing it with a cloth saturated in mineral spirits.

CAUTION: Dry-cleaning spot remover and mineral spirits are poisonous and flammable. Follow caution on labels. Use in well-ventilated area. Do not use near flame, spark, or pilot light. Do not smoke. Do not get on skin or clothing. If the finish is hard, apply paste wax with fine 0000 steel wool in the direction of the grain. Apply a small amount of oil to an oil finish.

[Info from the Home Maintenance And Repair Database at the Michigan State University website]

Actually water and nail polish remover just ruin the wood furnishing leaving those unbearable stains. What you need is either the magic eraser or hair spray as weird as that sounds but it actually worked for me. just apply to the nail polish stain on a damp warm cloth and that should do the trick.

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First go to your local hardware store and ask for help in selecting a stain that will match your furniture and also ask for "FINE" sandpaper. Gently sandpaper the area with the nail polish until it is gone, and then clean with a damp rag. Be sure it is dry and then apply some maple stain.

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Sandpaper Use 600 grain sandpaper or one of the finer types. this gets rid of the damage mostly and is the least likely to destroy the furniture even more

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Q: How do you remove nail polish from wood furniture?
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How do you remove furniture polish from wood furniture?

You could try to use nail polish remover. Try google searching other answers ...

How do you remove nail polish stains so your parents won't notice?

It depends on what item the nail polish is staining. It is nearly impossible to remove nail polish from fabrics/carpet/tablecloths because the nail polish remover will bleach and damage the fabric before it will remove all the color of the polish. Commercial stain remover products will not be effective on nail polish as it is paint based. If it was spilled on glass then it is safe to use nail polish remover. On wood furniture it will also remove the varnish and wood stain along with the polish so that isn't good either. In other words, your parents are going to "notice" wherever you spilled the polish.

How do you remove stain from nail polish on a wood dresser?

To remove nail polish from wooden furniture, use a putty knife to get the polish off the wood. Then use denatured alcohol to get rid of the traces of the polish.

Could soap take off nail polish from wood?

no, the best thing that will is nail polish remover.

What should we do because we spilled nail polish remover spilled on the wood furniture?

Quick, cover it before ur mom comes home!!! Ahhhh! then eat it

What are the advantages of furniture polish?

The advantages of furnisher polish are it cleans and dust any wood. Plus it waxes the wood.

Is it safe to use furniture polish on the dashboard?

Sure, if the dashboard is made out of wood.

How do you remove a paint thinner stain from a wood furniture?

There really isn't a way to remove a paint thinner stain from wood furniture. You must repaint or re-stain the furniture.

How do you repair wood damaged by nail polish remover?

you spray paint it in wood color u can find it at walmart

How do you remove fingermarks from wood furniture?

Goo Gone will remove it

How do you remove wood varnish from furniture?

you have to brush it

How do you get nail polish remover off of hard wood floor?

Try Eucalyptus oil :)