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Removing software on a Mac is very simple. Just drag the program's folder to the Trash.

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Is the office Mac 2007 the same as the office Mac 2008?

Office 2007 was only available for the Windows operating system there was no Mac version. The Mac equivalent version was Office 2008.

Can Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Home and Student Edition be used on a dell?

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac is created by Microsoft for Apple's Mac computers and it requires Mac OS X to work. A Dell is not an Apple Mac and is not running Mac OS X and so Office 2008 for Mac will not work.

Does Office for Mac 2008 support Mac OS X version 10.4.11?

According to Apple Downloads webpage, Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 (1.0) requires at least Mac OS X 10.4.9. Yes, you can use Office for Mac 2008 with 10.4.11 version.

How do you install Microsoft office 2007 on a mac?

You cannot, you need a copy of Office 2008 for Mac. To install office 2007 you'd need to virtualize it and it's not the easiest thing to do, you lose performances and functionalities. If you just switched to a Mac sell your Office 2007 copy and buy a copy of Office 2008 for Mac

Will office mac 2008 work on a new mac book pro?

Office 2008 will work on a new MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) if the Mac is running Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) then you may need an update from Microsoft's website for Office 2008 but some people have found it works without updating.

Is there currently Microsoft Outlook for Mac?

No, there is not. But Entourage for Mac is included in the Office for Mac 2008.But Microsoft has announced that Entourage is going to be removed from Office Suite and Outlook for Mac will be included. This should be released in the next Office for Mac version (2010, 2011).

Is microsoft office applications 2007 is compatible with MacBook?

The current version is Office for Mac 2011. The previous version was Office for Mac 2008. Office 2007 was for the Windows operating system and will not work with Mac OS X.

If you have Microsoft 2007 will it be compatible with Mac?

There are several applications on the Mac that can read Microsoft Office files. First, Microsoft has released Mac versions of Office: Office v.X was released in 2001 for the new Mac OS X platform. Office 2004 was released in 2004. Office 2008 was released in 2008. It was the first Office for Mac suite that was a universal binary, meaning it runs natively on both Intel and PowerPC based Macs - and used XML file formats. Microsoft announced on May 13, 2008, that Office 2008 sold faster than any previous version of Office for Mac. Apple's Pages can work with Word files. NeoOffice can work with Office files.

Is Microsoft Office Mac 2008 Home and Student edition compatible with a personal computer?

As long as the personal computer is a Mac that meets the stated requirements Microsoft Office Mac 2008 Home and Student edition will be compatible.

What version of Office is needed for Apple Computer?

Estimating on what OS you have -> computer specs: Snow Leopard-Mountain Lion: Office Mac 2011 Puma-Leopard: Office Mac 2008 Before-Puma: Office Mac 2004 or earlier

Can Microsoft office 2007 be run on a Mac computer?

While Office 2007 is made to only run on Windows, one could also install it using the application Crossover for Mac. See: software is $69.95 or so. Yes, Microsoft does offer Office 2008 for Mac, but personally, I never liked Microsoft products that run on Mac. Office 2008, to me, seems very user unfriendly and the functionality is not as easy to use as Office 2007 for Windows.I have installed it using Crossover for Mac and it runs pretty well--of course, not as quick and snappy as it is for Windows, but still very usable nonetheless.----------------------------------------------Microsoft Office 2007 will only run with Windows. To use it on a Mac you will need to have Windows installed on the Mac and then run Office 2007.Microsoft produce versions of Office for the Mac. The latest version is Office 2008 this will run on a Mac with Mac OS X. (See links below)

How do you view PowerPoint presentations on a MacBook with mac OS x?

There is a Microsoft Office version for the Macintosh platform available. It is called Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. You can also view PowerPoint presentations on Apple's own office productivity suite, iWork. iWork and Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac are both available from the Apple online store.

Is there an office 2010 for Mac?

There is no Office 2010 for Macs. The latest version is Office 2011 (See links below) and the version before that was Office 2008.

Can you put MS office on a mac?

Yes, you can. Both Microsoft Office 2008 and 2011 will run on OSX 10.8.3.

Is there such thing as Microsoft Office 2008?

Yes, it is. Microsoft Office 2008 is office suite for Apple Mac OS X operating system. The newest Microsoft's office suite for Windows operating system is Microsoft Office 2007.

Is ms office for mac compatible with ms office for PC?

It depends on what version of MS Office for Mac you have and what version of MS Office for Windows you have. MS Office 2010 (with service pack 2) for Windows and MS Office 2011 for Mac both comply with international standards (hence the files will be compatible).However, Office 2007 and 2010 for Windows and Office 2008 for Mac are compatible only at 98% (due to a small difference in the Excel files).

Can you download Microsoft office 2007 to a mac using a disk?

Microsoft Office 2007 was only available for the Windows operating system. If you have a disk with Office 2007 for Windows it will not work with Mac OS X. If you have the Windows operating system on your Mac then it will work with that. For Mac OS X you will need a specific version of Microsoft Office for Macs (See links below) . Office 2008 was the last Mac version but this is about to be replaced by Office 2011 any day now.

When was the last Microsoft office invented?

The last Microsoft office was made in2007 and the last Microsoft mac office was invented in 2008. The Microsoft office was made by Bill Gates.

What are the differences between Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Word 2008?

Office 2003 works under windows, the 2008 under mac.

Can you open a document created on office 2008 for mac on office 2007?

According to Microsoft:Office 2008 for Mac is forward, backward, and cross-platform compatible. (see links below)But in the real world many users find selecting an older format to save there work in increases the chances of cross platform compatibility.

Is Microsoft office for mac compatible with office on a PC or vice versa?

also, if you have office 2008 for mac installed, the default xml file format is only compatible with office 2007 for PC. when you save a file, be sure to select .doc for work, .ppt for powerpoint, and .xls for excel.

Is there a dummie book for office MAC 2010?

No. There is no Mac Office 2010. There is no dummy book for it. There is an Office for Mac 2011 for Dummies (ISBN-10:0470903716).

Should you upgrade your Office Mac 2004 to 2008 since you now have a new Mac Book Pro?

Yes.Will run much smoother than 2004 on the Mac.Also, it is much easier to convert file types.I recommended downloading a torrent for Office 2008 rather than paying for it....But of course we aren't all pirates.Cheers

Does Office for Mac 2008 support OSX-Lion?

Mostly. Microsoft are working to fix the few glitches.

Is there a free office suite program for mac?

Open Office (See links below) is a free office suite that is available for the Mac. This has been developed into Neo Office a more Mac like version.