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How do you remove oil paint from clothes?


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Scrub the garment with turpentine. This will get rid of any oil paint. Of course the clothing will need a thorough wash afterwards to get rid of the turpentine smell. There is also this awesome product called kiss off!! When I paint with oils I tend to get it everywhere and it always gets rid of the stains!


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Baby oil will remove oil and latex paint from skin. It will not remove paint from most rigid substrates though.

You can remove it with paint thinner.

You get it off with lest oil

Once the clothes have been washed, the paint is probably in them permanently. You can try paint thinner, but this is likely to stain the clothes anyway.

Oil paint will soak into bricks, therefore it is impossible to remove without degrading the brick.

You don't remove it. You have to paint over it.

goo gone will help remove oil base paint drops from hardwood floors

If it's an oil base rub with Goof Off for 3-4 minutes, then wash in warm water

If I was going to repaint this, then I'd remove both the latex and the old oil base with a chemical stripper. Then re-prime it and paint.

Mineral oil is not used to remove paint. Mineral spirits is used to thin and cleanup oil based paints, however it will not affect the paint once it has dried. Remove dried oil based paint by scraping or use lacquer thinner to soften the paint so that it can be removed.

Depends on the paint. If latex based, scrub it first with hot water, then put in washing machine. If oil based try scrubbing with paint thinner then Goof Off, then washing in cold water. If dried more than a day, most paint is impossible to remove.

No. If it is a latex paint, it is not flammable when its wet or dry. If its an oil paint, it is not flammable when it is dry.

I have never found anything that can take oil paint out of cloths

You can remove an oil-based paint from a slate floor by using paint thinner. Apply some paint thinner to an old rag and wipe the stained area.

NO. -You can not paint over motor oil. First pressure wash it or something to remove it from the area you are going to paint.

Oil based paints will indeed dye clothes, however, the resin will stiffen the cloth anywhere the paint it's on the cloth. Better to use a dye, or if you are trying to paint designs pin the clothes, a fabric paint would be more suitable.

Linseed Oil is the best way to thin oil paints. White Spirit can then be used to remove oil paint from brushes.

You remove oil based paint on tile floors by using a strong detergent mixed with water and a soft cloth

I have done it by using Dawn dish detergent

by using soap i believe as it works to remove oil or organic mterials from objecrs

you use a paint thinner.if it smells strong then it will work

A rag dipped in regular paint thinner always does it.

Yes it does, it also makes a lot of mess ,

Turpentine is a recognised thinner for oil based paint .

Oil and grease stains are tough to remove from clothes because they resist water. The water in a washing machine works around the stain. Detergent makes it possible to remove oil and grease stains.

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