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go to your local lowes. in their paint dept there should be a product called goo off in a red and yellow can. it works great!!!!!!!!!!

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How do you remove old paint splatters from door trim?

Take a fine sandpaper and rub off the spots until the wood is smooth. Repaint.

How do you remove dried primer splatters from wood furniture?

There are many ways to remove dried primer paint splatters for wood furniture. First thing to try is extremely hot water. If that does not work a mild cleaning agent can also be tried. Moving on to stronger chemicals, Goof Off is the name of a product that will remove a lot of things. Chemicals to use as the last resort should be paint thinner or acetone lacquer thinner. And there is always the old elbow method and a scrapper.

How do you remove old paint from cast iron?

you can remove it by vinegar and water

Can i put new linoleum over old or should i remove old first?

As long as the only linoleum is not peeling or loose go ahead and put the new one right on top of it this way you avoid the risk of asbestos and all the mess of riping up the old floor.

Can you put polyurethane over old paint on concrete?

It would be best to remove all old paint first.

How do you remove old paint from a dado?

Use a paint-stripper solution. There are many available. Read the instructions carefully. It may be easiest to just paint over the old paint.

How do you remove old etching paint on glass door?

If it has etched the glass,there is no way to remove it.

How do you remove latex paint with oil paint underneath?

If I was going to repaint this, then I'd remove both the latex and the old oil base with a chemical stripper. Then re-prime it and paint.

How do you remove paint from a metal frame?

Nail polish remover is good for small paint removal jobs. If you have a lot of paint to remove from a metal frame consider Peel Away 7 or Smart Strip Paint Remover which are the best to remove paint from metal especially if there are multiple layers of old paint.

How Do you remove oil based paint from a slate floor?

You can remove an oil-based paint from a slate floor by using paint thinner. Apply some paint thinner to an old rag and wipe the stained area.

My garage is already painted. Do I need to remove paint before adding the quikrete Epoxy Garage floor coating?

It is best if you do remove the old paint first.

How do you remove old oil based paint from an old tin roof?

there is an amazing paint stripping produt called circa 1850. it works on just about anything.

How to spray paint your car at home?

The following steps to paint car with Spray : a), Remove the dust with a cloth, then with a soap and water. b), with the help of a Sand Paper remove the old paint. c) Paint with the Primer with two or three coats. d) Spray with the Paint and finish them.

How do you remove paint from wood?

Sanding off the old layer. If it was an oil based stain, you might have to use a stain-stripper. i dont think you can remove it but you can paint it again after it dried

Can you pressure wash painting siding to remove old paint before you put on new paint?

Yes, that's what I usually do. Pick a nozzle that gives about 6" spray and get all the old paint off.

How do you remove old trash smell from linoleum?

Try Washing it every day for some time, with clear water with a splash of vinegar! and open the windows more. Did it help?

Tips to remove permanate paint off walls?

Before removing the permanent paint, make sure that you investigate if the wall you are to paint is to be removed to be able to paint a new one or you can repaint it immediately as it is.> If you are to paint the drywall interior you need not to remove the old paint.> If you are to paint the drywall in your exterior and it is flaking, then you need to remove the old paint first.There are many options in removing permanent paint, just choose on the best method for the kind of material you have:1. Liquid paint stripperYou just need to brush this liquid stripper on your paint and remove the paint when it softens (see the time required on its label).2. SandingThis method works really well on any hardwood material3. HeatHeat softens the paint thus; it is easier for you to peal it off.

How can you remove old tile glue from a cement floor?

Use petrol or paint tinner...

How do you remove latex paint from door hinges?

Heat them in an old crockpot - water and detergent only.

How do you remove old oil paint on a foundation?

Quickest, cheapest and easiest is to use a power washer.

How do you remove varnish from wood?

Sometimes wood needs to be re varnished or restrained. To remove old varnish, you can use either a paint stripper or sand off the old varnish.

Exterior Paint Colors ?

form_title= Exterior Paint Colors form_header= Create an exterior look you love. What color do you what to paint your exterior? *= _ [50] Do you need weather proof paint?*= () Yes () No Do you need remove old exterior paint?*= () Yes () No

What takes old latex paint off hard surfaces?

I found out that Rubbing alcohol will remove dried latex paint on hard wood floors.

Basement Floor Paint?

form_title= Basement Floor Paint form_header= Paint your basement floor. What is the square footage of the basement?*= _ [50] Do you need to remove old flooring?*= () Yes () No What color do you want to paint the basement?*= _ [50]

How do you get the old smell out of vintage furniture?

If you can paint it, paint the drawers to remove musty odors. There is a product called Niloder on the market. Available from some antique supply houses. Or you could remove and bury the dead cat.

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