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How do you remove partion from hard drive?

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several ways the best way to do it would be with partition magic by symatec as this will create solid boundries if your planning to install multiple os... you may also load into fdisk and delete the desiered partition

2006-07-23 18:40:39
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What is the Minimum requirement for a Window XP hard drive partion?

1.5 Gb (Gigabytes) of Available Space on Hard Disk Drive

What are 'slices' in Solaris?

Slice is nothing but partion, This is used in Solaris or Unix Platform. You can divide your Hard disk Drive into slice or partion.

What is the Name of the Windows 98 DOS command that is used to partion a hard drive?


How do you create multiple partitions on a hard drive?

For this purpose you have to have unlocated space. Then in "Computer Management->Disk Management", right click, create exteneded partion. And in the extended partion you will be able to create a logical partion(s).

How do you format a computer with Windows Vista?

I'm not sure what you mean. But if you mean that you want to format a hard drive or partion which is not a system file disk/partion. Then it's really easy to do. Start My Computer, right click on the hard drive/partion which you want to format and choose format, then choose file system which you prefer to format, and press ok/start.

When you remove a hard drive does it remove the programs as well?

No. They will stay on the hard drive.

List three types of information contained in a hard drive's partion table?

This table of information contained is,the table tells BIOS how many Partion the drive has and how each parition is divied into one or mone logical drivers and which partion contains the drive to be used for booting called the active boot and where each logical dive begins and ends

How do you allocate unallocated hard drive space?

You have to create a logical drive or a partion on the unallocated space, and after that format (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS) the newly created logical drive (partition).

How do you replace an internal hard drive?

If you are using a laptop, you will have to remove some screws from the bottom and then carefully remove the hard drive using an appropriate tool. If you are using a desktop, you will have to remove a few screws from the back that is holding the hard drive in. You will also have to remove a plug that goes from the hard drive to the computer. Then, do these steps in reverse with the new hard drive.

How do you replace the hard drive on a toshiba p35-s611?

You can access the hard drive from the bottom of the laptop. If you turn the laptop upside down, you'll find the hard drive door under the Toshiba sticker with the laptop serial number. Remove two screws from the hard drive cover and then remove the cover. Slide the hard drive to the right and remove it. Transfer the hard drive bracket to a new hard drive.

Will formatting your hard drive erase any files on it?

Yes, Surely it will remove everything on hard drive. Formatting a hard drive means to remove everything on hard drive. If you are formatting only a specific drive like C:\ or D:\ then the data in only that drive will be removed.

How do put your partion and hard drive together?

A hard drive is a physical object, like a cake. A hard drive can be partitioned into parts, just like a cake. Your operating system (i.e. Windows) could lead you to believe you have many hard drives when in fact it is the one hard drive, with many drives/partitions. If you wish to merge partitions then you can use a tool like Partition Magic

Will reformatting hard drive remove virus?

It will remove the virus (and everything else) from that drive but it will not necessarily remove the virus from the computer.

Is it possible to use a PlayStation 2 as an external hard drive for a PC?

No. However, if you remove the hard drive, it can be used as a regular hard drive in a computer.

How do you remove the hard drive on a Dell Dimension 2350?

To remove the hard drive on a Dell Dimension 2350 desktop computer, one has to open up the system unit. The hard disk can then be unscrewed from the drive bay.

How do you remove partition on slave hard drive?

To remove a partition on a slave hard drive you can go into the BIOS. You should look up a guide if you plan to do this.

How do you remove a hard drive from a XBOX 360?

The hard drive just pulls away from the top of the console

How much data can be stored in folder in ntfs partion?

The type of partition is irrelevant to how much data can be stored. A partition can hold as much data as has been designated on the hard drive during the creation of the partition. The size of your hard drive determines how large the NTFS partition can be.

How do you remove a Hard Drive from a Computer?

# Open Up the case # disconect all cables going to the hard drive # Remove the screws holding it in place # pull/push the drive out of the coumputer

You have windows vista installed if you remove and install a new hard drive can you put windows xp on it?

Yes. Actually, there is no need to remove the hard drive. You can format the existing hard drive and install XP on it as well. Note: Yes, you can there is no need to remove the hard drive. You can format the existing hard drive and install XP. and also you can install both opreting system single computer. XP and vista both.

Do you always have to remove external hard drive before shutting down your laptop?

i always remove the external hard drive before shutting down my laptop

How does one remove an external hard drive?

In order to remove a external hard drive one must first disconnect it from the the computer by clicking through the hard dives and entering the options and disconnecting.

How do you change the size of your partions on vista?

I have 285 hard disk and install windows vista. Now I want to resize the partion. C:\ partion 100 GB and D:\ 185

How do you remove files from a hard drive?

Format it or delete it.

What do you do when hard drive c is full but theres hardly anything in it?

1. delete them really BIG files 2. delete your old partion/s and reclaim space 3. reformat your drive 4. buy an external HHD