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You can actually color over it with a dry erase marker and wipe it off. I was skeptical at first too but try it it works.

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Q: How do you remove permanent marker from eye glasseses?
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How can you remove permanet makeup?

Some of it you can't remove--permanent eyeliner is too close to the eye to use any tattoo removal method I'm aware of. Permanent makeup is a tattooing process, so any tattoo removal tool (lasers, mostly) will work on it.

Is laser eye sugery permanent?

yes. they put a extra layer on your eye and they sew it with a it never comes off so yes it is permanent.

What happens when you color on your eye with a marker or sharpie?

First of all,who would do that?But the wetness of the eye would probably get off like if there was a piece of dirt in your eye.

How can you give yourself a black eye without hurting yourself?

Put make-up on around the eye, or ues a black marker.

Is there such thing as permanent contacts?

Only laser eye surgery can give permanent results. If you'd like to stay with contacts, however, ask your eye doctor about the 30 day variety.

Why do you still have a black eye after 5 weeks of having a permanent eyeliner?

You should seek medical attention if you still have a black eye five weeks after having a permanent eyeliner procedure.

You got liquid bandage in your eye?

If you have gotten liquid bandage in your eye you should seek immediate medical attention. This could cause permanent eye damage.

Can you remove your eye completeley from your eye socket and put it back in after?

yes, if you want to be blind in that eye.

Is it true that there is perminent eye liner?

Yes, you can wear makeup for an eye test. There are specific types of makeup that are not allowed to be worn during the test. For example, eyeliner will affect your vision and is not allowed in contact with the eyes during a test. Lipstick should also not touch the lips because it may transfer onto the ocular surface.

Are permanent fake eyelashes available?

Yes, you can get permanent fake eye lashes. Although, these can also cause problems. But, usually they are pretty good. You can also get your eye lashes tinted, so that you don't need much use of mascara.

How do you remove a spoon from the eye socket without damaging the eye?

Go to a doctor.

Can eye surgery remove the brown spot in the white part of the eye?

yes a procedure called IBrite and laser surgery. both remove brown spots and other discolorations of the eye.