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A little white vinegar is good and won't leave a residue which could be harmful to pets and small children. Finish off with a damp paper towel.

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How do you remove pet urine odor from hardwood floor?

Hard wood floor cleaner then spray on floor then wipe uo

How do you get rid of an old pet urine odor?

If you are talking walls or tile or linoleum flooring, you may be in luck. Wash the floor/walls with a white vinegar/water solution. If you have carpeting, the odor is most likely in the pad or infused into the fibers. Replacement after cleaning the floor underneath is probably the best option. There are some cement cleaners out there that remove odors.

How can I remove pet odor from my carpet?

Aside from replacing your carpet when you have a pet odor issue the best source is to use a pet and urine and odor remover these can be bought over the counter at any grocery or mega store.

How can you remove skunk odor from an animal?

Give your pet a bath in tomato juice..... or get your pet groomed

How can you remove pet odors?

Use the link below to the related question, "How do you remove the odor of cat urine?"

Can zhu zhu pets roll on tile floor?

Of course! Zhu zhu pets actually roll on tile floor better then carpet, becase the wheels on them grip more onto hard surfaces. I suggest that you put your zhu zhu pet(s) on tile, wood, or in/on a zhu zhu pet habitat

Does salt on pet urine work to remove odor?

I have never tried salt. But, the best thing to use to remove the odor of cat urine is white vinegar and water.

How do you remove dog urine odor from sub floor?

Plan white vinegar...also I found a product at the kroger store called pee pee,(in the pet section) works great!

How do you remove human urine odor from furniture?

Get an enzyme based odor remover from a veterinarian's office or a pet supply store, it works just as well on human urine as it does on pet urine.

How do you remove cat pee and odor from heater vents in the floor of a house?

The best cleaners for cat urine are those found at a pet store. What you need is to use one that reacts chemically to the enzymes and removes the order. Using a product that is a specialized stain and odor removing bacteria/enzyme cleaner, such as "Outright Pet Stain Eliminator," "Pet 'Oops' Remover," or "Stain Gobbler".

Dog urine odor out of lawn and deck?

You can purchase urine burn remedies for grass at your local hardware or pet store. Odor is a bit more difficult to remove. You can rinse your yard with a hose after your dog urinates. To remove urine odor for your deck, use a mixture of Mule Team Borax and water, or use a urine odor remover from your pet store.

How to Remove dog diarrhea odor from carpet?

Use a special enzymatic cleaner (found at pet stores).

How can the odor of cat urine be removed from a carpet?

There are lots of ways to remove the smell of car urine from a carpet. One of the best ways to do it is by using an odor remover like, Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remove, which can be purchased from pet stores and on websites like Amazon.

How do you remove a poop spot and odor from the sofa upholstery?

Get to the pet store and get yourself "Outright Pet Odor Elimiator" for the odor. Pet odor is protein-based and needs an enzyme product to eat it up. It may also take the poop spot out (at least it does for me). Be sure your uphostery can be cleaned with water first, if it can be cleaned with water, then this product is safe for it. You can tell by looking at the tag at the bottom of the furniture somewhere.

How do you remove Dog Urine Odor?

There are several ways: * Febreeze spray from your Super Market * Water diluted with vinegar * There are many products to get rid of urine odor from your dog in pet stores

How do you get dog urine smell away?

spray it with air freshener Or you can check out your local pet supply store. There are special enzyme or bacterial preparations that can remove pet urine odor.

How do you change a hamster cage?

You can use a cat litter scoop to remove the old/wet bedding. Then sprinkle in new bedding. If there is any odor, you can neutralize it with pet odor exterminator candles from

Does Carpet Cleaning Remove Stains And Odor?

Pet urine, blood and food stains need deep cleaning to make the carpet look new. If proper cleaning techniques are not used it can deteriorates the stain and odor issues, making the removal procedure more hard for the carpets. The professional attention is necessary to treat urine, feces, vomit or other natural pet stains.

What is the best carpet stain remover?

If the stain is caused by your pet, then you can use Resolve Pet Stain and Odor remover. It removes the stain within minutes, but it can not remove chemical stain such as ink.

How do you get human urine odor out of carpet?

You can buy some pet odor eliminator at a pet store and use that, it works for all types of urine smells

How do you get pet urine smell out of carpet?

You can use Febreeze Pet Odor~ Works great!

How do you get rid of pet odor?

You should carry him to the veterinarian for a check up there you will get a supplement for your pet.

Pet odor on wool rug?

You can use baking soda and white vinegar to remove pet odor from a wool rug. Sprinkle the baking soda and leave it overnight. Vacuum the rug and then spray with white vinegar. Leave set for 30 minutes and then vacuum again. You can now spray with a product such as Febreze.

What gets rid of pet odor?


What can one do for the removal of strong cat odor in carpets?

To remove the strong odor of cat urine from carpets, one can use baking soda and enzymatic cleaner. One could also use a pet odor neutralizer, a stain remover, and a wet vacuum. If the stain or odor is bad enough, one might also have to replace the padding under the carpet.

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