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How do you remove rear speaker covers on a 1998 Ford Expedition?

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If your talking about the door speakers then you will have to remove the door panels to get to the speakers.

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All 4 doors speakers on the Ford Expedition are 6x8.

The speaker cover's you are referring to, are they in the front or back of the vehicle. If in the front you have to remove the door panel. If in the back, just grabe yourself a flat head screw driver and carefully push under cover and pop out.

There is a little wedge at the bottom, stick a nail fail there and pop it out. Then you just have to pull the cover down to reveal the speakers

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If its a convertable, remove the the screws under the rear seat and remove. Then remove the screws holding the leather enclosures and remove from sill plate. remove the speaker boxes and replace. If you don't have new speaker boxes remove cover a speaker box, access speaker and replace, you will probably have to solder the wires, then reverse the order and put back together.

The rear speakers suck, when you have to remove them. Got put the seat backs down, then pop off the cover over the entire rear space, its all one piece, the speaker covers are permanently mounted. Then you peal back the sound material. After that there are three screws that hold one of the speakers, remove them and your down. Also, make sure you disconnect the speaker wires in the truck first.

You have to remove the rear seat and rear side pannels first, then you can pull off the rear deck.

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The 1998 Ford Expedition owners manual shows ( 5W-30 )

it is behind the glove box. if you remove it you should see it.

Pull off back panel there are two screws under carpet, than pull cover from side, once side panel is off, unsrew the sound system from side of car. Once off unscrew the speaker and there is also a bolt in the back of the speaker that is attached to the rear magnet of the speaker. Speaker should pull out of system. Ford does not sell the speaker alon must by a whole new system, $210.00 or more. I am trying to find a replacement speaker also.

I did this with my 1996 Lumina APV. If you have rear speakers, remove the speaker cover(s), remove the speaker and reach in and find the mechanism, turn it to open. May have to do simultaneously for both sides. Then remove the tailgate panel and repair.

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Disconnect the battery, remove the spark plug cable and covers, and remove the old spark plugs. Put in the new plugs, put back the covers and cables, and reconnect the battery.

This ones pretty easy......The speaker cage the covers the speakers simply pop out with a small screw driver. Put the flat tip of the screwdriver in the crease anywhere around the speaker cover and simply pry it off. Install by fitting the bottom edge back in the mounting holes and pop back in

Door speakers: Remove the door panels. Eack door panel is secured to the door by clips around the outer perimeter of the panel. The inside door handle usually must come out- theres a screw under a cover or in plain view. Look for conscpicuous covers or little screw caps/covers.

if your looking for the front abs sensors thay are located in the hubs, and would have to remove front tire, brakes,caliper, and rotor to remove.

under the dash board on the passenger side. you will probably have to remove the speaker which sits above it somewhat.

Drain the water from the radiator. Remove the radiator hoses. Remove the radiator stabilizing arm. Remove the radiator retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new radiator.

The 1998 Ford Expedition Owner Guide shows ( 5W-30 )

The Owner Guide doesn't show a cabin filter for the 1998 Ford Expedition