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three letters my friend C L R. Do it up gangsta

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What can you do about rust under your bathtub?

For mine tub, I used phosphoric acid to remove the rust, then reaplied enamelent laquer. I had partialy rotten ring around the main drain in the tub, but with some silicone gui I sealed it off. Expect to be temp solution, worth 1-2 years.

How do you get rust stains out of fiberglass tub?

Any good quality rust remover can be used for rust removal on many surfices.

Can salt remove rust?

Salt is not adequate to remove rust.

What is rust remover?

Rust remover is a liquid that can be used to remove rust. A homemade rust remove is white vinegar. It can be sprayed directly onto the rust.

How do you remove an old tub from the drain?

Once the old tub gets into the drain it is impossible to remove.........

How do you remove old tub strainer from a porcelain tub?

With a tub strainer dumbell wrench.

How do you remove rust from plastic?

By using white vinegar we could remove rust from plastic.

How do you remove heavy rust from an old gun?

Water and aluminum foil can remove surface rust on the chrome of a gun. Steel wool can also be used to remove rust. It is advised to never use a oil to remove rust or to clean a gun.

How do you remove rust from bricks?

Bricks don't rust

What can remove rust?

if it is light rust vinegar will do nicely

What chemical can remove a rust?

Acids will often clean rust.

How does citric acid remove rust?

it dos'nt it makes rust

Will muriatic acid remove rust from pips?

I think it might remove rust AND pipes. Be careful with that stuff.

How to Remove rust stains from wood countertops?

There are various ways to remove rust stains from wood counter tops. The easiest way is using acids and a piece of cloth to remove rust stains.

What is the best way to remove rust from a car with chrome bodywork?

The best way to remove rust from a chrome with bodywork is to take your car to an autobody shop. They are the best people that can remove rust from chrome.

Can Pepsi remove rust?

I had the same uestion it does not remove rust however it does not cause any rust I know this because in my science experiment (the pepsi did not receive any rust). I hope that this answers your question

What can be used for removing rust from my car?

The best product to remove rust is limeaway. That stuff will remove anything staining including rust. It will not damage the actual item that was rusted. Only the rust will be removed.

Does soda remove rust from trumpet mouthpieces?

No. Soda does not remove rust from ANYTHING! If it were strong enough to eat away the rust, it would also wreck your trumpet.

How do you remove rust stains from china?

Go to the chemist and buy some Rust O Ban, works wonders on everything I bought it to remove rust from clothing. I use it on everything.

What solvent can remove rust stain?

CLR (Calcium, Lime Rust) Remover.

Will peroxide remove rust?

No, peroxides are strong oxidizers and will actually cause rust.

Does coke remove rust?


Did the roman developed the gunpowder and porcelian?


How do you remove silicone that did not harden from a bath tub?

methalated spirt will remove silcone

How do you remove mildew from fiberglass tub?

To remove mildew from a fiberglass tub, use a mixture of water and white vinegar. You can add this to a spray bottle for easy cleaning.

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