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Go to target and buy a "multi-use" eraser ... they're just like "mr clean magic eraser" -- all you do is wet the sponge, wring it out, and rub it over the stains. It comes right off the wall!

The same trick for blood stains in clothes and various other things. Your body has enzymes that can break down such stains. Just spit on it and rub it with a cloth.

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Q: How do you remove semen stains off of a wall?
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How do you remove stains from wall paint?

What kind of stains? Magic Eraser takes off most stains.

How do i remove semen stains off of my car seat?

There are several ways to remove semen stains off of your car seat. The easiest way is to use hot water which will work effectively. Most carpet cleaners will also do the job perfectly.

Are the yellow stains on a mattress pad semen stains?

No it is probably urine, white is semen. However, dried semen may be off-white.

How do you get brown stains off a pool wall?

Brown stains can be removed by doing a shock treatment for the pool and then scrubbing the stain. Enzyme based pool chemicals will also remove brown stains.

How do you get rid of semen stains off the carpet?

Semen stains on the carpet should come out easily by sponging the affected area with a cool water and detergent solution.Follow by rinsing, then blotting with dry paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible.Leave to dry naturally. If any powdery, dry matter remains, use a soft brush to remove it.

How to get glow stick stains off of the wall?

try oops! or goof-off

How do you get bluetack stains off the wall?

Just scrub with a rough sponge

How do you remove nail polish stains from sofa?

you lick it off.

How do you clean greasy stains when you remove blu-tack?

Rub the stains with a rag dipped in Goof Off.

How do I get Gel window stickers oily stains off of wall?

I would think you could use "Oops!" or "Goof Off", which are liquid emulsifiers and do a good job of dissolving various glues. You will most definitely need to wash the wall after you get the "sticker stains" off.

How do you clean semen off of lacquered bedroom furniture?

I used to work in a factory making furniture so I know that you can use mild soap and water to remove stains from lacquered furniture. Just make sure that you dry off any water with a cloth.

How do you remove alcohol stains off latex paint?

Try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser...these work for me on everything! We removed permanent marker from a white latex painted wall! :O)

How can you remove grass stains from clothes?

The sooner you start to remove grass stains, the better luck you will have. Scrape off any residual mud and then pretreat the stain. Wash the clothes in hot water.

Does hairspray remove stains?

yes. hairspray takes off pen stains. its so cool because at makes bubbles and then it removes the stain. caca, (:

How do you get nicotine stains off window silicone?

I use Fantastic spray to remove nicotine stains from just about everything... even window silicone seal.

How do you remove stains on ceramic tiles?

You can remove stains on ceramic tiles with bleach. Put on gloves and use straight bleach with a scrub brush. After you get the stain off, clean the area with a mild soap and rinse.

How to Remove stains on painted walls inside house?

For stains on walls I usually use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It isn't harsh or abrasive and really cleans off just about anything (including sharpie marker). DO NOTS: Bleach can change the color of the wall and in some cases strip the paint. Brillo Pads are just too abrasive and can strip paint. 409, Orange Clean, Windex, and Simple Green or just not strong enough to clean off stains or can have a reaction with the wall paint.

How do you get permanent marker stains off an acrylic tub or shower wall?

I use baking soda to clean my acrylic tub/shower. It gets out a multitude of stains. Maybe it will work on this

How do you remove glue from stickers off a wall?

Depends on what the wall finish is. -Lift-Off or Goo-gone are reasonable to start with.

What is the best way to get kitchen grease stains off a painted wall?

just ask your wife ,she'll know what to do?

How do you remove salt stains from nylon boots?

Salt stains on nylon boots can be removed with soap and water. The salt can also be removed by allowing it to dry and then rubbing it off.

How do you remove spray paint off a panel wall?

you dont

How can you remove stains left behind from adhesive from fiberglass bathtubs?

Use Goo-Gone or Goof Off.

How to remove massage oil from walls?

what cleanner can i used to remove massage oil off the wall

How do you remove yellow stains from a gunite pool?

Use a steal wire brush to brush off the yellow stains. Also, it might help to keep the chlorine level high.

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