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i have just removed one on a 1992 318i, it may be the same. carefully pry out BMW badge from steering wheel (i used 2 small jewellers screwdrivers) this will reveal one bolt, remove this and wheel should slide off.

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How do you remove the steering wheel on BMW 735 i 1988?

PROPERLY remove air bag (if equipt), then remove nut holding steering wheel on and then use a steering wheel puller to remove it.

1984 BMW 318i how do you remove the steering wheel?

Hey its really easy u just take that BMW cap off the middle of the steering wheel and there is a nut inside you just take that off and pull

How do you temporarily disable an airbag to remove a steering wheel off of a 1990 BMW 325?

Disconnect battery.

Where do you put power steering fluid in a 1992 BMW 325i?

The power steering fluid goes below the intake manifold in a 1992 BMW 325i. This is where the power steering reservoir is located.

Where is the horn on a 3 series BMW?

on the steering wheel

How do you repair seat belt light on all the time on 2006 BMW series 5?

what we do at BMW would be to remove the bulb from the dash cluster in front of the steering wheel.

Fuse 48 BMW 318i?

under the steering wheel

Where is the steering wheel adjustment on a 1990 BMW 735I?

there is not one

How do you take out steering wheel of BMW 320i e90?

you turn it

Where is the fuse panel for a 2000 BMW 258i?

under the steering wheel

How many wheels does a BMW have?

BMW 3 series cars have 4 wheels. Some also have a spare wheel. Most of them have a steering wheel too :)

How do you deactivate the red electric steering wheel lock sign on a BMW?

The lock sign should go away when the steering wheel lock is disengaged.

Where is the horn located on a BMW Z4?

On my 54 reg, its the middle of the steering wheel.

Where is the blower resistor on a 1998 BMW z3?

Under the steering wheel panel

Where is the flasher relay turn signal located in a 1983 BMW 320i?

On the steering columb just below the wheel. remove the lower cowel, it is clipped on to the side of the columb

Why don't the radio and cruise control buttons on the steering wheel of your 2000 BMW 328i work?

bad "clock spring" in steering wheel behind air bag

Where is the BMW e46 Lighting control unit?

BMW told me they have to remove the fron wheel and access the unit via a panel in the wheel arch. I don't know which wheel.

What does a BMW indicator light with a steering wheel and lock mean?

steering sensor needs resetting with ignition on turn steering wheel then start up if it continues see dealer its a software fault eventually it will not let u drive.

What is the small button located to the left of the steering wheel in a 1997 BMW Z3?

That is the switch for fog lights.

1992 BMW 318i fan clutch removal?

how do you remove the fan clutch on a 1992 318i 1.8 liter?

What does ignition lock mean on BMW?

i believe that means that the steering wheel locks up in park for safety, until you put in the key and jiggle the wheel to unlock.

Where is a 1997 BMW 316 electric cooling fan fuse?

Fuse No 48 Under the steering wheel near the pedals

How do you remove rear seat in 1992 BMW 325is?

Just pull it out. No screws or anything

Is a 1992 BMW 525i Rear wheel drive?

Pretty sure. We'll find out though wont we

How do you replace a power steering belt on a BMW e30?

Loosen the tensioner pulley. The power steering belt will come loose. Remove the power steering belt. Reverse the process to install the new power steering belt.