How do you remove the Trojan horse Startpage 5 AK virus?

What I did was I downloaded AVG 6.0 antivirus program from I ran a search and found the file that the atartpage.5.ak virus was attached too. AVG wasnt able to delete it. I then proceeded to change the file name to Virus with no tag. Then ran the AVG program again. I guess the change of the filename changed the registry of that file and AVG was able to get rid of it.

I re-named it virus without any extensions, but AVG still could not get rid of it. So run Windows in Safe Mode. You can then delete it and remove it from the re-cycle bin.

Hi Rob

I found by turning off system restore, and then rebooting, and then running avg, I have got rid of it,I hope,it has not showed up again

Regards Charlie

AVG Antivirus removed it from my W98SE system without any hassle, so presumably the later virus AVG sig updates will deal with it OK.