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Q: How do you remove the back to use the booster seat on the graco 3 in 1 carseat?
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How old do you have to be to sit in the front in Michigan?

I don't believe there's a law in regards to how old you need to be to sit in the front but kids 12 & under should be in the back. In MI, kids under 8 need to be in a carseat or booster.

How do you replace brake master cylinder an power booster on a 1993 chevy cavalier?

Remove brake lines from master cylinder. Remove the two bolts attaching master cylinder to vacuum booster. remove vacuum hose from vacuum booster. It just pulls out of booster but will give you a little resistence. Remove cover above gas and brake pedals on drivers side floor board. While laying on your back or right arm look up into dash and find and disconnect brake pedal linkage/rod from brake pedal (there is usually a pin with a clip holding this together). Then remove 4 bolts attaching vacuum booster to fire wall. Go back under hood and remove vacuum booster.

How do you replace brake booster in 1995 Chevy s10 pickup?

Remove clamp that holds the rode on back of brake booster that hooks to the brake peadle. Then remove the two nuts on the brake booster that holds the mastercylender on the in the inside of truck remove the 4 nuts/bolts that hold the brake booster on then remove brake booster then replace with new one.... P.s. Make sure u pump brakes b4 u move vehicle........ U shouldnt have to bleed brakes unless u undo mastercylender

What is something that will be in the back seat of a car that will let you know it belongs to a mom?


How do you change a master cylinder 1991 ford aerostar van?

first remove the battery cables from the battery!! then remove the brake line from the master cylinder then remove the 2 bolts at the back which attach it to the brake booster then remove it! for installation measure the rod that sticks out the back of you old one and make sure to adjust the new one to the same length bolt it back to the booster, re-attach the line, top off the fluid then bleed the air from the brake system!

Why are babies placed backwards in a moving car?

So that in the event of a front end collision, the back of the carseat takes the impact.

How do you replace a hydro booster on a 1996 Chevrolet 2500 series truck.?

remove the silly clip that holds the brake pedal and brake light switch on the pushrod, try not to damage the clip. Remove the four bolts around the brakepedal pushrod hole.(inside, these are tough to get at, a 3\8 air ratchet makes it much easier). remove the two bolts that hold the master cylinder to the booster.Pull the cylinder off booster. do not remove any brake lines, there is enough flex in the lines to get the job done. remove the three hydraulic lines from the booster. You might have to pry a little to get the pushrod off the pedal. remember the wire hanger on the cylinder bolts when you put it back together. Once the pushrod is back on the brake pedal it goes together really easily

What are the different types of car seats for infants in the Eddie Bauer line?

Auto Booster, Deluxe 3 in 1, High back booster

How do you remove brake booster from Mercedes 380sl?

If you're just replacing the booster, you don't need to un-do the brake lines to the master cylinder. You need to un-bolt the master cylinder from the brake booster (2 nuts) and pull the master cylinder forward . Be very careful not to crimp the metal brake lines...just enough to clear the threaded studs. Remove the vacuum line from the booster. I suggest you replace this vacuum line while you have the chance. The tubing on these lines become very brittle because of the engine's heat...and with a new booster, the system will be more efficient and probably stress out the existing line. Besides, you'll probably break it anyway because they are so brittle. Here comes the fun part. If you don't have at least a 12" 3/8" drive extention, I suggest you get one. I believe the nuts you'll be removing are 13mm. There are 4 of them. You'll need to remove the bottom dash cover underneath the steering wheel to have access underneath the dash panel. Follow the steering wheel shaft to the fire wall. Directly above that you'll see where the brake pedal attaches to the brake booster. Disconnect the pedal from the booster. Then remove the 4 13mm nuts that attach to the brake booster. Remove the booster...clean off the area before putting it back together....I believe there's a o-ring seal that should be replaced too. Be careful when taking the booster don't want to snag one of those metal brake lines. Slide the new booster back into the holes and reverse the procedure. If you have more than 50,000 miles on the brake fluid, you should replace it. That helps maintain the integrity of the brake seals...this stuff is like any other oil and breaks down. The new booster will be putting more pressure on your braking system. Good luck.

How many seats does a 1989 non turbo supra have?

It has a total of 4 seats, but the back are VERY small. I don't even use them, and a carseat(kids) will Not fit.

Should a child use a booster seat in the middle of the back seat when only a lap belt if available?

If your talking about the booster seat without a back then NO, It is not safe for the child to ride with only a lap belt.

What would cause brakes to work ok without booster and when booster is hooked back up the petal eases down to the floor?

bad mastercylinder.