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First, release the tension on the belt with a 1/2" breakover or ratchet to remove the belt. You don't need a socket, the square part is what is needed, there is a square hole for it. Then simply take a (I believe a 15mm but I know its metric) socket or wrench and unscrew the bolt and the whole thing should come off the front of the engine. Is that engine a turbo-diesel 7.3L Indirect Injected engine? My Dad has a 1993 IDI turbo diesel non-powerstroke that I've worked on many times. Other than the tranny and rear differential, there's not much I haven't had the chance to work on.

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Is your 1993 ford 7.3 liter diesel a powerstroke?

no its just 7.3 turbo the powerstroke came in late 94 and 1995

What is the horsepower rating of a 7.3 liter powerstroke diesel engine?

295 horsepower.

Horsepower of a 2002 7.3 liter powerstroke diesel?

295 to 305 horsepower....

What is the horsepower and torque for a 7.3 liter powerstroke turbo diesel?

The power rating for the 7.3L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel V8 engine is 295 horsepower and 550 pound feet of torque.

Cubic inches of a 7.3 liter powerstroke diesel?

There are 444 cubic inches in a 7.3 liter powerstroke diesel. The measurement is 1 liter = 61 ci. Which makes a 7.3 = 445, but I am assuming that a 7.3 is a round off of 7.278 liters, since 7.3 is easier to say.

What are the specs for 1996 F-250 powerstroke diesel?

not sure what specs you want but a 1996 ford diesel is a 7.3 liter powerstroke with 275 horsepower and 525 ft-lb of torgue

What is the horsepower of the 1996 powerstroke diesel?

In a 1996 Ford F-250 : I believe the 7.3 liter turbo diesel is rated at ( 210 horsepower from the factory )

How do you remove replace the tensioner on a 96 3.3 liter Caravan?

You have to remove the belt first, this is easiest with a tensioner tool. Then the nut that holds it to the bracket is on the backside of the tensioner and needs to be done from the bottom.

How do you change the serpentine belt tensioner on 2.4 liter 1998 Malibu?

remove the belt. then in center of the tensioner is a bolt that goes into engine. remove this bolt. then tensioner should come off.

6.0 liter v8 is how many cubic inches?

The Ford 6.0 litre Powerstroke diesel has a Cubic Inch Displacement of 365.

How much does a 6.1 liter F250 motor weigh?

do you mean 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel? i think that motor weighs around 750lbs, not real sure

What is the horsepower does a 6.4 liter powerstroke have diesel?

350 horsepower f250/350 325 horsepower f450 650 ftlbs f250/350 600ftlbs f450

What is the difference in a 7.3 Liter diesel engine and a 7.5 Liter diesel engine?

A .2 of a liter, and a 7.3 Liter Diesel Exists

How do you replace the belt tensioner on a 3.0 liter Mitsubishi engine?

There's a 15mm nut on the back of the tensioner you have to remove. It's hard to find and a tight spot but a regular wrench will get it out.

How many cubic inches does 7.3liter have?

There are 444 cubic inches in a 7.3 liter powerstroke diesel. The measurement is 1 liter = 61 ci. Which makes a 7.3 = 445, but I am assuming that a 7.3 is a round off of 7.278 liters, since 7.3 is easier to say.

What kind of gas mileage per gallon does the 6.0 powerstroke 2003 excursion?

16-20 mpg for the Diesel version of the excursion. 8-12 mpg for the gas version 5.4 liter V8

How do you change fuel filter on 1997 7.3 liter ford powerstroke?

screw it off

How do you change belt on Chevy 2.2 liter 1994 engine?

Well, on my 91 you have to move the belt tensioner off the belt by placing a 14mm wrench on the nut and move the tensioner off the belt. Remove the belt, release tensioner. Re-install in reverse order. Hope that helps.

How do you remove the serpentine belt tensioner on a 1988 Buick Sklylark with a 2.3 Quad 4?

The 1988 Buick Skylark 2.3 liter engine serpentine belt tensioner pulley is held in place with a single retaining bolt. The retaining bolt will be in the center of the pulley. Remove the retaining bolt.

How do you replace block heater on ford f 250 7.3 liter diesel?

remove old heater and screw in new

How do you replace a serpentine belt on a 3.8 liter Chrysler engine?

Disconnect the battery. Taking a ratchet and socket rotate the belt tensioner to release the belt. Remove the belt and install the new one. Release the tensioner, and connect the battery.

Does 1 liter of diesel at 20 degrees weight the same as 1 liter diesel at 30 degrees c?


How many kilo is 1 liter of diesel?

1 liter of diesel fuel has a mass of approximately 0.832 kg.

How much is a liter of diesel in new zealand?

$1.18 a liter

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1994 Ford E350 van with the 7 3 liter powerstroke diesel?

IDI diesel fuel filters are (looking from the front of the vehicle) on the right side of the engine. Looks like an oil filter hanging upside down. On powerstroke diesels, they are on the top of the engine, mid-way back. They have a black, "screw-on" cap about 4" in diameter. Recommend using a WIX filter... STAY AWAY FROM THE FRAM FILTER!!!