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How do you remove the clear plastic lens that covers the gauges?


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2015-07-15 19:51:00
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You don't say what kind of car but most require the gauges to be removed to take it off.

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In California, clear, plastic license plate covers are illegal. Even if they are completely clear, anything over the plate is not allowed.

is it illegal to have a clear cover over your license plate in nj

Impossible to answer as you don't name the glue !

Look between the steering wheel and the clear plastic window for the gauges. There is a button on the steering column.

Remove the screw that holds the trim piece in place the pull that out. then you can either remove the whole cluster or leave it in. I would just leave it in. Remove the plastic cover, there should be four clips holding it on. then remove the needles from the gauges make sure to remember where your fuel one is to. then remove the screws that hold the panels on and pull them out, then pull the old bulbs out, you may need to use a pair of needle nose pillars then put the new bulb in and put everything back on but turn your car on before putting the clear plastic back on to make sure your gauges are accurate.

Clear plastic is waterproof.

Depends on the kind of plastic, but try 100% clear silicone. It's good with many plastics. ( but in future ,please be more specific, - 'plastic' covers hundreds of different compounds.

polycarbonate is the strongest clear plastic.

When you open the hood of the car, there are 2 bolts that hold the headlights onto the car, one on the top of the headlight assembly and one on the front of the assessembly (facing outwards at the front of the car. Remove the bolts, and gently pull the headlight outwards and angle it upwards a bit, to clear the side body molding. You can not remove the clear plastic covers on the front of the headlight without ruining the seal, so I wouldn't recommend it; however, if your lights look cloudy and foggy, it is most likely the exterior of the plastic, and there are kits available at most car parts stores that will remove that oxydation and discolouring.

Hmmm, have not seen too many clear solar covers in my neck of the country. Did not know they were even being sold for that purpose. The only clear plastic we know of is visqueen which has other uses. It does not have the ultra violet light inhibitors in it that pool covers have. The answer would be NO.

Open the hood of your Impala and remove the negative battery cable with your socket set. Sit in your driver's seat and look at the clear plastic shield that rests in front of your odometer and other gauges. You will have to first remove this shield. Find the two screws that hold the clear plastic shield in place. They are located at the top rim of the shield. Remove them with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the plastic shield out and set the two screws safely inside it so you do not lose them. Place one hand on each side of the instrument board and jiggle it slightly util one side or the other moves forward. Pull the entire panel forward slightly. However, do not pull too hard, as there are an abundance of wiring harnesses attached to the back. Locate the small, clear light bulb. Remove it with your finger and stick the replacement bulb in its socket. Replace the instrument panel and clear plastic shield. Replace the negative battery cable.

Remove the seat. On the left-hand side (if you were sitting on your bike) there is a small, 3/4 inch square clear plastic "box". Remove the cover, there should be two 20-amp fuses inside. Not sure which fuse covers which circuit since we never received an owner's manual!

Have to remove the doorliner from the rear door. Remove the 2 screws that hold the black trim that covers the lamps. Then you can remove the clear cover and access the lamp.

you have to remove the clear coating

visit your local cell phone store, they have clear, hard plastic protective covers for most styles.

Try wiping it down with club soda. If that doesn't work, try white vinegar.

It's not easy! You have to remove the instrument bezel. (all of the screws around it) and the plastic piece on the bottom of the steering column. If you have a clock in your gauges you will need a tiny flat head screwdriver to take out the screw that holds the clock adjusting knob on. Pull the bezel out. If you can't get to the blown bulb you have to take out the clear shield. You may have to loosen some of the bolts that hold your gauges in to get to a specific bulb. Hope that helps!

Yes even though they are clear they are still illegal. I got pulled over yesterday for having CLEAR ones on my car and the cop said there both ( tinted and clear are both illegal) But i didn't get a fine or anything i just took them off.

yes, clear plastic is man-made and is very bad for the environment

There are many online shops that sell clear plastic. is one of online shop that sells clear plastic with any kind of models. You can visit

Yes they are clear plastic

First you will adjust your steering wheel to slide down with lever on left side of wheel. Second remove the 2 screws on black plastic on top of speedo above clear plastic. Slide speedo covering out gently but firmly. Remove remaining visble screws. Slide Speedo out and remove all plugs connected. First you will adjust your steering wheel to slide down with lever on left side of wheel. Second remove the 2 screws on black plastic on top of speedo above clear plastic. Slide speedo covering out gently but firmly. Remove remaining visble screws. Slide Speedo out and remove all plugs connected.

For a start NOT all plastic is clear. Some plastics are clear right from the liquid state before they become a molded or formed plastic. If these are desired to be coloured a dye is added while still in the liquid state.

I'm unsure of if you mean individually or the entire light. The clear plastic covers seal can be broken off, and then the internals modified. You then would have to use clear sealant to replace the cover. If you mean the entire light, definetly possible.

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