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If it is just the center peice around the radio you want to remove.. pull hard on the air vents at the top this will pop the clips out and then just pull it out at the bottom

The dash cover is difficult to remove There are a lot of hidden screws What side or what cover do you want to remove? The passenger side has the air bag right under it BE CAREFUL

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Q: How do you remove the dash cover in the Saturn ION?
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How do you remove the dash cover in the Saturn Ion to replace the dash inst lights?

This is an awesome post for how to replace the dash lights; it also shows you how to take the dash cover/cowel off by lifting straight up until the pins come out:

How do you remove the dash cover in a Saturn ion?

The dashboard is held in place by eight retaining clips. Pry outward on each retaining clip. The dashboard will come off in two pieces.

How do you remove broken antenna on a 2003 Saturn ion?

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Where is the OBD port on a 2003 Saturn ion 2?

The 2003 Saturn Ion OBD 2 port is on bottom edge of dash; above hood release

How do you change alternator in 2004 Saturn Ion?

How to remove and change an alternator in 2004 Ion

Where is the timing belt in an 03 Saturn Ion?

Ion's have timing chains and they are on the front of the engine. Requires removal of front engine cover and rocker cover to access

What make is a Saturn Ion?

Saturn is the make, ion is the model.

When was Saturn Ion created?

Saturn Ion was created in 2003.

What are color codes for 2006 Saturn Ion?

2006 Saturn ION

Where are spark plugs located in 2004 Saturn Ion?

Depends if its a 2.0l redline or a 2.2l stock ion. on the redline they are located under the center cover on top of the motor. you must remove the coils to get to the plugs. on the 2.2l idk. if its a DOHC then it is the same way.

Why would the oil in your Saturn Ion 2003 go from the valve cover to the throttle body?

PCV valve

Where is the fuse box located on a Saturn ion?

To the right of the gaz pedal, remove the plastic by pulling it

2003 Saturn ion clunking when breaking?

2003 Saturn Ion clunking when breaking

Does the Saturn Ion come flex fuel capable?

The Saturn Ion was never flex fuel capable when it was being manufactured. The Saturn Ion is no longer being manufactured.

How do you replace a shift solenoid in a2006 Saturn ion?

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Where is the bleeder valve on a 2004 Saturn Ion?

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How do you remove heater nobs on Saturn Ion?

The heater knobs in the Saturn Ion should just pull off if they are the round type. If they are the sliders, the face plate has to be removed before the knobs can be removed because they are attached inside by screws.

How do you replace dash light bulbs in 2003 Saturn Ion?

There are no individual bulbs, just LED's in the dials, and you will have to replace the entire instrument cluster.

How do you take drivers airbag out on a 2006 Saturn ion?

How do you take drivers airbag out on a 2006 saturn ion?

Do all Saturn CD players fit a 2003 Saturn Ion as plug and play In other words I want to remove face plate take out factory radio and replace with a Saturn factory CD player?

It would but saturn ion cd players are huge and suck you'd be better off buying a new head unit all together ......., Saturn owner 420

What is the price for the Saturn Ion Redline?

The Saturn Ion Redline was in production between 2003 and 2007. It was introduced with a base price of $20,950. One could be a used Saturn Ion Redline for as little as $2000.

How do you replace the passenger side mirror on a 2004 Saturn Ion II?

remove the plastic panel and there are 3 ten mm nuts remove and replace mirror.

How do you change Saturn ion cabin filter?

How do you change the cabin air filter of a Saturn 2005 ION 2 ?

How do you change the transmission oil and filter on a 2005 Saturn ion?

Where is the transmission filter location on a 2003 Saturn Ion

What is a Lock light on dashboard 2004 Saturn ION?

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