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wash em!!!! also; buy ban deodorant! it's smells nice too:]

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How can I remove deodorant stains?

Sweat stains are tough to remove especially if you put deodorant on your shirt. However, these days there are a lot of good products available to remove these tough yellow stains. All you need to do is apply the gel directly onto the stain, wait 5 minutes and wash normally.

How do you remove stains in yellow shirts?

just dont be messy and you wont have to know.

How do you get deodorant stains out of white t shirts?

The secret to all deodorant stains - rub it with a sock. If you don't have a sock, any thicker preferably cotton textile will do, something like a thicker, slightly rougher hand towel, nothing TOO nice or soft. No combed cotton.

How do you remove deodorant stains?

To remove a deodorant stain, take a pair of nylon hose or knee highs and rub the fabric. Hosiery is available at major retailers, of course, so there's no need to get the expensive kind!

What works best to remove stains on a white shirt?

To remove nasty yellow underarm stains resulting from excessive sweating use PitStop. Pre-treat the stain before laundering and it will restore shirts to their original color.

Can you get black stain out of white shirts?

I have black stains under my underarm of my white shirts how can i get them out ? I have bleached them a few times and the stains are still there. Thanks

How do we remove leak stains from headliner?

How do we remove leak stains from headliner?

How do you remove yellow bleach stains from white shirts?

to yellow stains out of white shirts to use ultra stain removerAs a man I like to have white shirts and so when I do white laundry I make sure to wash my whites in cold water onlywhen using bleach-- Bleach works best in cold water this is just the way the chemical is meant to work.

How easily will this remove red wine stains?

It should easily remove red win stains. As with all stains you will want to remove it as soon as possible.

How does deodorant effect clothes?

it stains them and either makes them a lighter color or a darker color

What are the disadvantages of not wearing deodorant?

Smell and sweat stains. No health concerns about not wearing it though.

How do you remove battery acid stains from concrete will Dawn remove grease stains from concrete?

Baking soda is the best way to remove acid stains from concrete. Dawn may remove grease stains from concrete. Vinegar is another great solvent for grease stains.

How do you remove brown stains from teeth?

to remove brown stains from your teeth you will have to brush them or floss them...

What takes blood stains out of upholstery?

When I was an EMT we used hydrogen peroxide for blood stains on our white dress shirts.

How do you remove blue stains from toilet?

Depends what the stains are from.

What stains do carbon tetrachloride remove?

Protein stains

How do I remove stains from patent leather?

How can I remove black stains from a pocket book that went on my red bag? How can I remove black stains from a pocket book that went on my red bag?

How to remove bleach stains?

bleach stains cannot be removed.

What kinds of stains does Shout remove?

Shout removes stains from jam, grass stains, coffee stains, ink stains, blood stains, motor oil stains, etc.

How do you remove walnut stains from your car?

how can you remove walnut stains from your car paint with out hurting your paint on your car

How to Remove rust stains from wood countertops?

There are various ways to remove rust stains from wood counter tops. The easiest way is using acids and a piece of cloth to remove rust stains.

Does vinegar remove stains?


Is it easy to remove stains from cotton?

Of course stains easily removes from it.

How do you remove yellow stains from white leather?

Depends what caused the stains.

How can you Remove bath stains?

Yes. Bleach, white vinegar and lemon juice are often suggested to remove such stains.

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