How do you remove the hard drive from a computer?

On a non-laptop type computer you "open" the machine typically a machine has thumb screws or screws holding a side panel secure. Remove those screws to gain access to the contents within. A hard-drive is a device about 5 1/4" wide and abuot 6" long. A ribbon cable and power cable will be connected to the hard-drive. Remove both of these connectors by firmly pulling them. Next depending on your cable there will be 2 screws on each side of the hard-drive securing the drive to the drive bay. Remove these screws and the hard-rive will become free of the machine.

All machines are different, so this is a general comment on how to remove a hard-drive.

On laptops, these are much different. Most laptops have a access panel, usually screwed to the laptop. Once you remove this panel there will be a tab afixed to a 2 1/2" wide hard-drive. You pull on this tab and the hard-drive and drive cradle will slip out of the laptop.

Again all machines are different, the best bet is to read the manual before starting. And at all times be sure to remove the power cord and if working on a laptop the battery before starting.