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WEll, not for sure about the '97 but I've begun refurbishing my '95, still get 35+ mpg @ 150k+ mi. :) This also applies to a '99.

At any rate. I had to removed everything in the car that touched the liner. All of the plastic body trim inside from the front window to the back window. -metal clip/snap in all the trim along the headliner -screws hold both sun visors -plastic clips hold the dome light -screws hold the roof mount handles at each passenger seat (you have to snap back the covers at each end of these handles to reveal the screw)

These pieces snap in, yes SNAP in, however it is very tight (they are exactly like the metal fasteners that hold the rear deck panel on. you can see them if you put the seats down and look at the corner)... if you have a very long wide flat blade it should help. The running up the middle of the trim pieces, about every 5 or 8 inches. I did end up breaking a couple of mine off, but it doesn't seem to effect it much as long as it's in the middle, so it seems.

Once you get all the interior trim out of the way, the middle will drop and you carefully, if needed, pull thefront down, should be velcro'd to the roof, then the same on rear end. Now here's the tricky part.. If you are trying to get it out in one piece, you will need to lay both front seats down as flat as possible, scoot the chairs up, they will lay flatter. Open the doors let the liner fall then c*ck it over at an angle and twist it slightly and take it out the door at an angle (my 4 door, it went out the left rear 1st time). easier than it sounds, I tried mine about three different times before I got it just right.

Well good luck!! Drop me a line if you need some tips, I'm eyebrow deep into mine... going to look into overhauling the engine soon. Have Fun

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Q: How do you remove the headliner in a 1997 Saturn SL2?
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