How do you remove the headliner of a 91 Chevy Cavalier?

This isn't an easy job since there isn't a good explination of how to remove the moulding all around the headliner. Take it to a trim shop.

Actually there is a good explanation. I just removed mine last week. First, unscrew and take off both visors. Also unscrew the dome light, mine was tricky, I had to pop it off after I unscrewed it, take off the clip holding the wires together so that the dome light won't be in your way. Next you'll want to take off all the trim around the headliner. You can start on either front or rear of the car, your choice. but either way you are going to have to unscrew a few screws to get them off. Now your trim should have plastics clips as well, you should be able to just pull them off but you might need to pry with a screw dirvier, and don't be afraid to break one, you can buy more at your local automotive store, autozone is always good. the middle trim should just pop and slide off. Finally, when taking the molding out, be careful because mine was very fragile and will tear easily.