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One way to remove the smell of white spirit from a washing machine is to use bleach. You can also just try running your washing machine a few times without any clothes in it.

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How do you remove smell of turpentine from washing machine?

Try Smelly Washer. It's an eco friendly product that takes bad odors out of your washing machine.

How do you remove cement smell?

remove it buy washing with oil

How do I remove sour smell from washing machine?

I took one of those "Mr. Clean Magic Erasers" inside of mine and it just took the smell right away. it was awesome =]

How do you get the smell of diesel from clothes?

Washing clothes in white vinegar and laudry detergent in the washing machine can remove odors from your clothes. Put the vinegar in as you would if you were adding bleach. Good luck with it.

What will remove white spirit smell?

The best way to remove the smell of white spirit deodorant is to take a shower. You must use a strong soap.

How do you get oil smell out of a washing machine?

There's a product called Smelly Washer that should do the trick. It takes out the smell washing machines start to get after a lot of use.

How do you clean a washing machine filter?

When a washing machine filter is dirty it can cause clothes to smell dirty. The clean a filter, a person can use vinegar, or baking soda, or even cleaning products specified to a washing machine.

How you can remove smell of white spirit?

Removing the smell of white spirit can be difficult. The best way to do this would be to put the articles of clothing that smell of white spirit into an empty hot cycle with lemon juice and vinegar. This should remove the smell. Try a second wash if necessary.

How do fishermen remove the fish smell from their hands?

Belive it or not i use washing powder its brillant.

How do you remove the burned plastic smell from your new dark wash jeans that started after you washed them?

If you can use washing soda (Arm and Hammer, for e.g.), wash the jeans in this a couple of times. I hate that awful "match" smell on dark jeans and it took a few experiments to find a solution to this problem. I haven't noticed any fading that wouldn't occur as a result of washing and after two runs through the machine with washing soda, the smell is gone.

What is causing a foul smell when the washing machine is running?

the $hit on your clothes that's being washed off

Remove turps smell from washing machine?

I read on another website that people were trying white vinegar, althou normal vinegar should work, or bicarb of soda, about a teaspoon full on a hot wash?

How do you get the moth ball smell out of clothes?

You just wash it in the washing machine, it will not come out the first time, but the smell will get less and less the more you wash it. Good luck

GE Duet Washing machine odor?

Many front loading washing machines have this problem. Use a product called Smelly Washer to get rid of the smell.

How do you remove the smell of gasoline from your clothes?

Spray VaporRemed on clothes to remove odor first before machine wash.

How many watts does an average washing machine use per day?

If you smell badly, it can use a LOT! Keep clean

How do you get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke on a stuffed toy?

A washing machine - but you shouldn't be smoking if there are young children around with stuffed toys.

How long does it take for the onion smell to wear off your hands?

Onion and garlic smell on hands will last a couple hours to about a day. You can, however, remove it washing your hands with a stainless steel hand washing block or a stainless butter knife.

How do you remove kerosene smell from hair?

kerosene smell may be due to the contaminant found in water. the water you used for washing your hair may contain too much chlorine.

How do you remove dirty hair smell from pillowcases?

You would pour RED WINE and ONLY RED WINE on it because it will be just like washing it

How do you clean a washing machine that is 19 years old and looks clean but doesn't smell clean inside?

Run a cycle with a bunch of vinegar OR baking soda..

How do you remove an odor from a washing machine without using vinegar?

You have to use a thing called Seal All. It is a very sticky glue that will probably take the smell out. Make sure to rub it on all moving parts of the dryer because they are most likely the source of the odor.

What does it mean when my washing machine smells burning?

Contact your appliance repairman. Unplug the appliance first, and check the area to see if the smell could be coming from somewhere else.

How do you get rid of smell from washing machine drain?

It may not have a P trap on it -- If the pipe is going trough floor -- the P trap may have a hole in it -- which is letting the seal of water out --

Why does your washing machine smell?

There are several places where water is stored in the machine and hoses, which is normal. If you do not use your machine much this water can become stagnet and pick up a smell, you can notice this especially in a rental house which is vacant often. Another cause is if you have the exhausted water plumbed to the main drain line without a trap the smell can come from the area around the washer. A way to help reduce this is to wash your white clothes last, the bleach and hot water you use can help reduce the smell.

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