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First I would drain all the oil out. Put in new oil. Then take the spark plug out and crank the engine a couple times to get any water out of the cylinder. Then replace the spark plug. If any water got in the gas I would drain the gas and replace with fresh gas. I would also drain the float bowl of the carb to get any water out also if water got in the fuel. Then it should be ok to restart now. Good luck.

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How do you remove the governor of a lawnmower engine?

Not a good idea to remove the governor from a stock lawn mower engine. You will succeed in blowing up the engine.

How to Repair lawn mower engine?

Buy a lawn mower engine repair manual at Border's or Barnes & Noble.

Do you need to remove the battery from the lawn mower to charge it?

No, it is not necessary to remove it. You can charge it right there on the mower.

How do you remove water from lawn mower carburetor?

Take a clean rag and stuff it into the tank - it will soak up the water.

How do you put a V8 engine on a lawn mower?

very gently, or the mower will get squashed

What is a governor on a lawn mower?

its on the engine. it keeps your mower from getting to much fuel and going to fast. many racers remove these for speed, but if you remove it, you risk over spinning the motor and blowing it up

How do you remove water from gas tank of lawn mower?

add a fuel treatment to remove water if it is a small amount or drain the fuel and replace with fresh

How to make your lawn mower louder?

remove muffler

Were can you find diagrams on how to make go carts out of lawn mower engines?

You cannot make a go cart out of a lawn mower engine. You can mount a lawn mower engine on a go cart, but the cart must be constructed out of tube steel. Search Google with the term, "Go cart construction".You cannot make a go cart out of a lawn mower engine. You can mount a lawn mower engine on a go cart, but the cart must be constructed out of tube steel. Search Google with the term, "Go cart construction".

Where is the oil filter on a lawn mower?

depends on the engine but it will be on the engine block.

How do you change a lawn mower coil?

remove it, get a new one and find out what the gap setting is for the one you replace/ your size engine

How do you remove carberaror off lawn mower?

Remove the air filter caseing disconenct the fuel pipe remove the bolts which hold the carb in place. L Davidson lawn mower tech

How can I remove old grass?

You can remove old grass with lawn mower. A lawn mower is an important equipment to maintain the beauty of the lawn. The mower is mechanized with revolving blades to cut a lawn at an even length to make it good-looking. All that you need to do to operate this mower is to walk behind the mower and the trimming of grass is taken care by this equipment. Lawn movers assure productivity besides helping the operator to cut the grass irrespective of acres with ease.

Why use a centrifugal clutch on lawn mower?

on a racing lawn mower it would be good, just rev up your engine and will engage.

Why does a jet engine sound louder than a lawn mower?

from a distance away why does a jet sound loader than a lawn mower

Lawn mower pull cord?

The pull cord of a lawn mower is used to manually crank the engine to get it started. As the engine is quickly turned, a spark is created which begins combustion.

What is a gas lawn mower?

A gas lawn mower is a lawn mower which is powered by gasoline.

What is the energy conversion of a lawn mower engine?

A lawn mower works by converting chemical energy (energy stored in the gas) to mechanical energy.

Why won't cord pull out on Weedeater lawn mower with Briggs and Stratton engine?

Check the underneath of lawn mower for grass built up.

How do you remove lawn mower blade holder.I have a broken bolt that will not come out of blade holder.I want to remove the holder from engine shaft.?

Remove the bolt holding the blade to the left

What does the lawn mower do?

a lawn mower mows or cuts a lawn :)

Where can you get a Briggs and Stratton Quattro 4HP lawn mower owners manual Model 21675x41A?

You can find the operator's manual for that engine at You will need to contact the manufacturer of the mower for the lawn mower owner's manual. Briggs and Stratton did not amke that mower, only the engine.

Is it possible to put a snowmobile engine in a lawn mower?

Yes, it is !

What makes the blades on a lawn mower work?

The engine, I think

What does it mean when a lawn mower engine sputters?

it needs gas