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How do you remove windows 95 from a laptop?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-18 04:28:17

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Two options: 1. reformat the disk 2. install another operating system.

2006-08-18 04:28:17
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Why can my old Toshiba laptop run Windows 95 Windows 98 and Windows 2000 but not Windows XP?

The most likely reason is that your laptop does not meet the system requirements for Windows XP.

How do you play a windows 95 or 98 game on windows 7?

It should play them easily. I have games such as 'Doom 95' - which plays very well on my Windows 7 laptop.

What version of windows you use?

I personally use Windows XP at work, Windows 7 on my desktop, and Windows 8 on my laptop. My primary operating system, however, is Linux. On my desktop I'll run Debian Testing 95% of the time with Windows maybe 5%. My laptop runs on Arch.

What is different windows 95?

Their is Windows 95 Plus! Windows 95. Windows 95 Microsoft Internet Explorer as the 3 main versions of it.

Is a windows 95 laptop good?

Definatley Not. They are all downgraded version and has no or minimal support; You can hardly do anything with them in todays World.

How do you unlock a laptop computer for IBM thinkpad Windows 95?

use your password or use the startup disk if it can't start

Difference between windows 95 and windows 98?

difference between Windows 98 and Windows 95

Can you remove a floppy drive and replace it with a usb for Windows 95?

1. Yes, you can remove a floppy drive. 2. Yes, Windows 95 supports USB (only certain versions, actually). 3. No, you cannot connect a USB hub to the floppy controller.

Which upgrade path do you need to follow when performing an upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows XP?

Windows 95 to Windows 98, and then to Windows XP

Is it ok to use a windows 95 program on a new laptop?

What you do with your laptop is your business. I wouldn't use any network-oriented applications from that era, such as a web browser or FTP client. But games and office applications shouldn't be a problem. They certainly won't hurt anything. The issue is compatibility. Windows 95 drivers for your new laptop's chipset and video card may not exist, which would make running your laptop impossible.

What is Windows 95?

Windows 95 is an operating system from 1995, published by Microsoft

What is the codename of Windows 95?

Windows 95 was developed under the codename "Chicago."

Where was Windows 95 released?

Windows 95 was released worldwide.

Is Windows 95 a operating system?

Yes, Windows 95 is an operating system.

What should you do when you want a Windows 8 laptop and already have a new laptop?

Install windows 8 on your new laptop. Simple!

What version of MS-DOS shipped with Windows 95?

7.0 was with Windows 95, and Windows 95A 7.1 is Windows 95B

How do you remove the TROJ STARTPAGE L virus under Windows XP?

microsoft has a tool to get rid of the virus. i went to the windows update and it only works for windows 2000 and later. it will not work on windows 95 or 98

What golf game was standard on windows 95?

No golf game was "standard" on Windows 95. Microsoft Golf was released in 1995, but it was not included as part of Windows 95.

When did windows 95 come out?

Microsoft released Windows 95 on the 24th August 1995.

What year was Windows 95 released?

Windows 95 was released in 1995, August 24th.

Who invented Microsoft Windows 95?

Microsoft and Bill Gates invented Windows 95

When was Windows 95 invented?

Windows 95 was released in August of 1995. It was a giant innovation compared to the previous Windows OS, Windows 3.1 and 3.11.

Is Windows Update available on Windows 95?

The Windows Update service is/was available to Windows 95, but there was no specific utility for it; you would have to manually go to the website.

What are Windows 95 Windows 98 and Windows ME collectively called?

Windows "9x"

What are the differences between Windows 95 and Windows 98?

Windows 98 came with support for USB built-in; Windows 95 needed an add-on released only for OEM versions. Windows 98 supports FAT32 (and thus larger hard drives) out of the box; Windows 95, again, needed an add-on. Windows 98 included DirectX 5.0; Windows 95 did not ship with any version of DirectX. Windows 98 integrated Internet Explorer into the desktop shell; Windows 95 did not by default.