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How do you remove write protection off music?


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2005-11-30 03:15:05
2005-11-30 03:15:05 -DJ Craig


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how to remove copy-protection off a MP3 i have to much music and now i cant remove it its sayin (COPY-PROTECTION PLEASE REMOVE IT)

You have to take the mp3 off of hold. It doesn't get rid of write-protection but it allows you to delete whatever you want.

Looking at the SD card with the label facing you, and the 'cut off corner' to the top. There is a tiny slider on the left-hand edge of the card. Move the slider down to apply write-protection - and up to remove it.

The main way to turn off write-protection on an SD card is by the switch labeled "Lock" and putting it up or depending on your card..

You will not be able to remove the protection. It is embeded in the file itself. These protected files come from Windows Media Player, usually when ripping music from a CD. It gives the option to protect the content. What this means, is Microsoft makes a license for that file, once you download that license, you can listen to the music no problem. AND.. that license can only be downloaded ten (10) times total.. by anyone, then the files are garbage. You are better off downloading a new version of that song.

The old 5.25 inch disks had a notch that is covered/uncoverd for write protection. The not so floppy 3.5 inch disks have a little plastic slide that did the same thing. Software disks in that format might have a notch that can be covered with tape.

As long as you do not have password protection on, there is a little slide tab at the non USB end of the device that has a tiny lock/unlock symbol. Slide that with a paper clip to the unlocked to turn off write protection.

how do u get a camera off prtoect how do u get a camera off prtoect

on the side of your flash drive. there should be a little switch. if you flick the switch the other way that should stop the write protection. if not i dont know.....

here it is, it is simple, just turn the disk over and flip up the small lever in the bottom right corner of the disk. there should be a locked and un-locked symbol, if you want the write protection off or on just flip the tiny lever up and down.

Probably you refer to a locked file: Just select the file in Finder, press command-i (or File->Get Info) and uncheck "Locked" in the "General" section. You can do that for several selected files at once. In case you mean the write permission, these you find in the section "Ownership and Permissions", but be careful with that ;-). Check out or google for "man chmod" first.

there are different ways depending what operating system you have xp- right click the removable disc click properties change read only off vista?????

when im keeping music or softwares into my usb drive it is not allowing by saying it was write protected There may be a button on you pen drive , pull that button on the opposite side i.e. if it is down then push it up and if it is up pull it down. That button is for write protection on/off. And then plug the usb drive on the CPU's usb port again.

you will have to go to properties by right clicking in the device icon or most sd cards have a tiny switch on it if it is write protected then push the switch to the other side

There are several ways to turn off write protection on a blank CD, You can either turn off the bios on your system hard-drive for an estimated time. You could also create a format by typing in the command code assigned to the CD on the Start Button.

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Should be "peel off" type if not write backRemove wheelsRemove caliper mounting boltsSlide caliper off rotorRotor should slide off hub

did it come with a specific camera or phone it must have a crypt lock or a software lock some software locks can only be taken off when it is in the micro dock card

If it's music you uploaded from your computer you have to plug it back in and delete the music files by going to the phone on your computer and deleting the files

Many flash drives have a physical switch somewhere on the unit itself that write-protects the data stored. If you had files on there & were worried about them getting overwritten or deleted (possibly by a virus infected computer) you would switch it to write-protected. Otherwise leave write protection off.

your best bet would be to consult the manufactures website for that info.

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You are not required, but you have to. There is a transparent plastic protection behind the panel. If you do not remove the panel if have make holes in order to remove the handle. To do it more professionally, remove the panel, carefully remove the protection cover (it's attached with sticky viscous black colored glue.) After that you get access to the handle.

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