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How do you remove yellow stains from white leather?


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Depends what caused the stains.


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A white rubber eraser will remove blue stains from you white leather shoes! It worked wonders for mine! Hope it works!

Water & Soup Dummie(: Hope I Help - Lizzy

Use a regular old white gum eraser. I just did this and it worked really well.

The yellow stains are most likely algae. Superchlorinate and lots of brushing until it is gone. Then brush again. You may want to clean the filter too.

Bleach may get yellow stains out of white pillow case covers

To remove nasty yellow underarm stains resulting from excessive sweating use PitStop. Pre-treat the stain before laundering and it will restore shirts to their original color.

Yes. Bleach, white vinegar and lemon juice are often suggested to remove such stains.

No. Men can have white stains or yellow stains on the front of their shorts. Some men can get easily aroused (for example: seeing a stripper) and perhaps have semen stains, but it doesn't mean he cheated. Usually the yellow stains are from urine or discharge. Marcy

to yellow stains out of white shirts to use ultra stain removerAs a man I like to have white shirts and so when I do white laundry I make sure to wash my whites in cold water onlywhen using bleach-- Bleach works best in cold water this is just the way the chemical is meant to work.

No it is probably urine, white is semen. However, dried semen may be off-white.

how to remove white mould from brown patent leather shoes

AnswerLeather shoes or boots: Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar in one cup of water. Dip a clean soft rag in the liquid, then wipe the salt stains. Allow to dry and your shoes should be good as new! Use good old Vaseline to tender the leather.

Tea stains can be removed from partial braces by soaking them in effervescent tablets overnight. White vinegar can also help remove stains from false teeth.

White Wine is the best option

Clorox Cleanup!!! It works! Only leave it on the leather for about 10 sec, maybe not that long. You will be amazed...

Use vitamin C tablet in a sock and rub over the yellow areas. Comes right off.

use yellow stain on white hat remover

You can try clorox clean up. But the stains probably won't come out all the way.

PRO's No shrinkage. Minimal fade. Longer-lasting clothes. Some stains can be removed that washing will not remove. CON's White clothes may yellow over time. Expense/Inconvenience. Water-soluble stains may not come out.

I used lemon juice and cream of tartar to remove rust colored stains caused by bleach. A tea-colored sweatshirt became white again.

You can use bleach! This is a very efficient and simple way to remove all stains on white clothing, furniture, etc. Good luck!

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