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# Press the Home key on your Kindle to make sure you are on the Home screen. # Press Menu. # Select "Settings" from the menu. # Move the cursor to the Account Name section and select "Register." If its already registered to someone, click deregister, then click register. # Enter the email address and password for you Amazon Account, then click

"submit." # Wait for Kindle to process the request. The account name should appear when registration is successful. If it doesn't appear, you may have to repeat the process. Note: If you don't have an account log-on to and create an account.

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To remove your name from a Kindle, you will need to deregister it from your Amazon account. Go to "Manage Your Content and Devices" on Amazon's website, select the Kindle device, and then click on "Deregister." This will remove your name associated with the Kindle.

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Q: How do you remove your name on a Kindle?
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What is the name of the oldest kindle?

The first product in the Kindle range was simply the "Kindle".

How can you change your name on your Kindle?

first make sure you are logged into your amazon account. click on mannage your kindle. a list of all you'r books will apear. on the left in the option bar under your kindle account you need to click manage your devvices. your registered kindle/kindles will appere. above a image of a kindle and under a subtitle saying kindle name it will have the current name of you'r kindle. on the right of you'r current kindle name there will be an edit button. click this and re enter the name you want. after you have submited this your kindle will change. hope this could help :)

How you change my Kindle to Jordan's Kindle?

If it's a standard kindle, you should be able to reset the name by navigating to the 'settings' through the main menu and selecting the option for changing the device name. The kindle must be connected to the internet for this to work so that the online registration of the kindle updates at the same time.

How can i convert kindle e-book to kobo?

About read kindle books on Kobo, we have to at first remove Kindle DRM from books and then convert Kindle format to pdf or epub.Then transfer those pdf or epub files to kobo devices with USB cable.

What does the name Kindle come from?

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Can you erase books off a Kindle?

Yes, you can remove books from your Kindle. If you purchased the books from Amazon, they have a permanent record of which books you purchased and you can have them resent to your Kindle wirelessly at a later date without having to buy them again if you wish to restore them to the Kindle. If you downloaded them from another source, you can copy them to your computer via the Kindle's USB port and save them on the computer before removing them from the Kindle. Amazon stores no information concerning books you did not purchase from them.

What is known as the trademark Kindle?

"Kindle" is the name of a product family of several different e-book readers developed and produced by Amazon. As of today there are five different generations with the "Kindle Paperwhite" as the latest release.

How do a change the name on your kindle touch?

easy press menu then go on to books and then press change name

When I remove a book from kindle cloud on my iphone and it won't delete?

When you delete a book from Kindle cloud, it remains on all your devices. You can't delete a book from kindlle cloud reader. Insted, you have to go to and delete it there.

What is the name of Amazon's wireless reading device?

I think you're talking about their Kindle.

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