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How do you repair a cigarette burn in your couch?

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Snip the burnt area with scissors (just the fibers). Find an area of rug (under a couch or better, in a dark corner)trim an area about the size of the burn and glue the unburned fibers with a household glue to the cleaned burned area. Actually, cut out from your closet a small piece of carpet & pad, get a carpet floor ahdesive from your nearest Home Depot. Use small spatula appy glue on floor,on pad, and set carpet on top it.

2008-09-07 05:46:28
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If you fall asleep with a cigarette and burn your house down does the insurance cover it?

Cigarette burn your house down

What does tar do in a cigarette?

Helps it burn

Can a cigarette burn paper?

yes it can

How do you repair a cigarette lighter?

you simply repair it by buying another lighter

How do you get cigarette smoke out of a couch?

Have it cleaned or spray it with a fabric spray like Febreeze.

At what temperature does a cigarette burn?

8 calories

How do you repair cigarette burns in the headliner?

It depends on what the headliner is made out of. If it is cloth, you might be able to cut out the burn and put a tight stitch there. It won't look perfect, but it might look better. If it is vinyl, you could get a vinyl repair kit.

Is smoking a cigarette is a chemical change?

After you burn the cigarette can you turn it back to the cigarette it was once before? Obviously not. So it's a chemical change.

How do I remove Cigarette burn colour on laminated table?

I have removed cigarette burn colour from a lamiated bench top with Jif, it is one of the cheapest and the best cleaning product on the market. :)

How long does take for a cigarette butt to burn xDDDDDDDDD?

It depends what type of cigarette it is but it would take longer if your not smoking it.

Why are cigarette boxes hard to burn?

because they are not totally dry

How hot does a cigarette burn?

700 Degrees C when drawing.

Is their any way to get cigarette burn out of leather?

Don't smoke.

How do you remove cigarette smell from ventilation in car?

Burn The Car

How do I perform a Color repair to a leather couch?

Use a dye or a marker. Heh.

Why do you pack cigarettes?

you pack em' so that the cigarette will burn slower.

Why do cigarette smokers need a fix?

becasue they or mouth will burn with out the fix

How many minutes does a lit cigarette burn?

it depends how hard your sucking on it

What is the hole in your boxers called?

the fly, the trap (or maybe a cigarette burn).

How do you hide a cigarette burn in your car head panel?

You can hide a cigarette burn in your cars. Headline are panel by using a fabric paint. The headliner fabric paint code should be listed on the vehicle specifications.

Does vinegar neutralize burn from hair remover?

It will neutralize the chemicals, but it will not repair the burn.

How can you repair a small burn in auto seat?

There are a great many ways in which you could repair a small burn in your car seat. You could patch it.

How do you get cigarette burn off of wood bar top?

The short answer is you don't. As the burn is black all you can do is sand it out and revarnish the wood.

Does doing crunches off the side of a couch burn stomach fat?

You raise your legs while doing a crunch, so I am thinking that you mean sit-ups. Yes, doing sit-ups off the couch does burn stomach fat.

How do I Repair cigarette burn on car seat?

take a straight edge razor and scrape some of the cloth on the back of the seat in a place that is not seen, then add just a little elmer's glue and roll into a ball then put in the hole.