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How do you repair a head gasket in a 88 firebird?


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You do not repair a head gasket you just replace it. Major repair involving removing the intake & exhaust manifold, and the heads.

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usually a bad head gasket or cracked head

Blown head gasket, cracked hed or cracked block

blown head gasket.. possibly warped or cracked head now too. shakes a lot because loss of compression due to any of the above. when replacing head gasket be sure to have head checked out and resurfaced.

Been there done that on my '88. Blown head gasket, easy fix if you're mechanically inclined.

Need to know what it is you want to pump.

On the driver side in between the engine and the steering box.

Rotaries don't have cylinders, heads, or head gaskets! It sounds like you have blown a water seal, which is the equivalent to a blown head gasket usually attributed to overheating. Unfotunately, a blown h20 seal requires a rebuild to fix!

with some modifications and a torque arm mount on the tail shaft, also a different driveshaft

I'd suggest you take the car to a speedometer repair specialist. They can remove, repair and calibrate the spedometer.

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I have an 88 firebird with a 305 V8 with a 3 inch custom exhaust and it pushes around 350 so my guess would have to be somewhere around 300 hp it kinda depends on what else is in the car.

It is impossible to list in detail how to do this in the space available here. Purchase a repair manual to guide you in this repair.

i owned a 86 Chevy 1500 it done the same thing if there is a ticking sound along with the steam out the exhuast you've broken a piston, and it has gone through the block then youll need a new engine ,or you have just blown a head gasket and water has seeped into a cylinder on the block . a good sign is water in the oil it will look milky colored. it can be fixed if you didnt warp the head if so just repace the head and head gasket and it should be just fine

Disconnect the battery for 5 minutes. This should reset it. If it comes back on, you have a problem with the engine management system.

Physically it will fit in but the 91 had more indicator lights on it than the 88 did, the inflate/reset light for example for the airbag

1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 Distributor rotates clockwise.

I recommend you getting a repair manual at your local automotive store.

Go to your local library and get a chiltons repair manual for your year.

The ISBN of The Missing Head of Damasceno Monteiro is 88-07-01518-8.

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