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corrudted system memory

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Q: How do you repair a jammed memory card?
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How do you repair a GameCube memory card?

You send it to Manufacterer, or a professional

How do you repair a jammed bakugan?

just fix it!

How can to format corrupted micro SD card when the computer can't read it?

if does not formatted.. use digital object rescue pro.. to repair a memory card.. or use windows 7 to format the memory card..

Is a hedge trimmer hard to repair?

It really depends on the problem with the hedge trimmer. Most of the time they are pretty easy to repair. If it is jammed, visit this site to learn how to repair it

What is the difference between a regular memory card and an Ultra Memory card.?

What is the difference between a regular memory card and an Ultra Memory card

Where is the memory card in a Nintendo DS?

The memory card is the game card.

How do you clear memory in camera memory card?

To clear memory card,you could format the memory card or put in your laptop and delete it

Is there a memory card for PS3?

No, their is not a memory card for the ps3.

What are the disadvantages of typewriter?

the disadvantages of the typewriters are, the keys jammed and no ink

Which memory card will work best with my Ipod?

The ipod does not have a memory card slot, so no memory card will work with it.

Does the iPod Touch have an memory card slot?

The Ipod touch does not have an memory card slot for an SD card or any type of memory card.

What is a memory card adapter for?

to put your memory card in the comp

What is the largest memory card?

The largest memory card is 16GB.

What are the steps to add things to your memory card?

memory card for what??

How can you scan online for memory card?

scan memory card

Can you put a memory card into a Kindle Fire have a memory card?


How do you transfer pictures from a digital memory card to another digital memory card?

You will need to buy a memory card reader

What is the largest memory card available?

The largest memory card available is the Toshiba 64GB UHS104 SDXC Memory card.

How do you transfer photos to memory card?

If the photos are on your computer and you want to put them on the memory card you need to connect the two. Put your memory card in your memory card reader slot on your computer. Then you can copy and paste or drag and drop the photos to the memory card.

Where is the memory card in a lg shine?

The memory card goes under the sim card .

What is the difference of memory card and memory stick on psp?

Memory Stick and Memory card mean the exact same thing - Memory Stick was just a brand name of memory card produced by Sony.

What is the difference between not having a memory card and having a memory card in your phone?

With a memory card you have a larger amount of memory on your phone. However much is on the memory card. So more space to hold pics and etc.

Why in your card reader cant read your memory card?

There are so many reasons why it occurs. Maybe your memory card is not functioning or your card reader itself. There's also a posibility that you card reader is not compatible with your memory card, make sure you have the manual for your card reader for it's specification and compatibilities. Many card readers today uses memory card adapter aside from the memory card alone. It function as a protective material for your memory card. Maybe your card reader needs an adapter not only the memory card. I hope this one helps.

How can a camera memory card be erased?

To delete the information from a memory card, you need to plug it into a device and move all the items on the memory card over to the trash can on that device. This will delete it from the memory card.

How can you add extra memory for a PS3?

memory card what kinda memory card where can I puchas one