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check for a bulb out.

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Q: How do you repair a left turn signal that does not work?
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Why doesn't the front left turn signal not work even though the bulb and socket is good on a 2002 Mercedes c240?

This vehicle has poor ground connections for the front turn signal circuits. You need to go the dealer and have them install a front turn signal repair kit. It consists of a small repair harness and a modified turn signal bulb socket, plus a modified bulb.

Where is the left turn signal relay on a 2006 Honda Ridgeline located?

the left turn signal light on my ridgeline does not work but the right side works

Why would left turn signal on Saturn work but the right signal does not work?

Because the signal system is interconnected.Install new bulbs on the left side -including the front side...I realizethey work. You will be surprised.

Your hazards work but the left turn signal does not?

if your right turn signal does not work then it could be the switch if not then it could be a wiring fault! Could also be turn signal flasher or switch in steering column as stated above

On 1990 Mazda miata left turn signal doesn't work what could be the issue?

bulb or turn signal fuse/relay

Why does my left turn signal not work with my head light on?

A bad ground.

Left rear brake and turn signal do not work?

There are many problems that come with owning a car. If a Left rear brake and turn signal do not work, a person should check the fuses, bulbs and wiring.

Why doesn't the left turn signal blinker work on my Jeep Liberty?

bad signal switch on steering column..

Why would the right turn signal work but the left turn signal will not when all bulbs are good and working on a 1974 corvette?

could be a bad ground

Turn signal left side don't work no blink in back no light in front side?

flasher will not flash when circuit is open or shorted replace left front turn signal bulb

1995 Pontiac Sun fire the left turn signal does not work the right turn signal does?

Check the bulbs. A failed bulb can often cause the signal to stop working on that side.

Why would the hazard lights and left signal in a 2000 Pontiac Montana not work when the headlight switch is on?

Check the left turn signal bulb. It is probably burnt out.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee left turn signal does not work?

I had this same problem. Sometimes left turn signal would work and sometimes it wouldn't. I replaced all lights and the turn signal multifunction switch..this didnt fix problem. I finally replaced the turn signal flasher and this solved the problem. I got mine at NAPA auto parts. It cost about 40 dollars. Hope this helps.

In a 96 firebird the left turn signal doesn't work?

check for a burnt out bulb on that side.

Is the turn signal bad if you have trouble with signals some times they will work sometimes you have to hold up on them to get them to work once gave a right hand signal and the left one flashed?

My guess would be the turn signal switch lever itself is defective.

What could cause the left turn signal to reamain on and the right signal wont turn on but the flashers work?

You could have a faulty bulb. Check for contact in both bulbs if they are new.

07 ford f150 left turn signal is extremely faster than right All lights work except left rear turn signal?

Replacing the non-working bulb for left turn should resolve the problem and it will stop the cops from pulling you over too.

Your e450 turn signal wont work?

One of four things can cause a turn signal not to work. Either the turn signal switch assembly, a bad bulb, a bad fuse, or a bad turn signal flasher.

2001 cavilar left rear turn signal wont work i replaced bulb and checked fuse still wont work can you help?

Check for a bad socket Turn signal flasher? Switch at steering column?

Horn and left turn signal do not work are they connected somehow and can I fix the problem.?

Have you checked your fuses? Does the turn signal light up at all? If it does, you most likely need to replace a flasher.

What would cause the left turn signal to work but not the right side on a 1989 Buick Park Ave.?

Check bulbs Turn signal flasher? Bad switch in steering column?

On a z34 1995 Monte Carlo 3.4L all turn signals work except left turn signal. front left works but flashes really fast but left does not work at all and has a good bulb what could cause this?

In the steering column there is a donut looking switch ring that the turn signal lever pops into. When it fails you get all sorts of weird turn signal and brake lighting issues. Change it out and beware the air bag.

Your right turn signal doesnt work everything else does?

usually this is a bulb burned out on the left side

In cold weather turn signal does not work?

1995 hond accord in cold weather turn signal does not work?

You own a 95 Honda passport and when you use your left turn signal it won't work but your emergency works with the bulb you were told you need a new fuse and if that is where is the fuse box?

If the left turn signal doesn't work but the right one does and you're positive it's not a bad light bulb, it's not the fuse. More likely it's a bad turn signal switch.