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How do you repair a rear passenger side seatbelt that will not retract on a 1999 Camry?


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You should call a Toyota Dealership. I believe the seatbelts are covered via some sort of something. I've had two replaced for free and not at the dealership where the car was purchased.


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Put your seatbelt on. Should be an easy fix.

You can turn off the 2009 Toyota Camry seatbelt warning light by engaging the seatbelt. You can also remove the seatbelt warning light fuse. Removing the seatbelt warning light fuse is not recommended.


If the indicator stays on all the time, the vehicle thinks the seatbelt is not connected. The reason for this is probably a faulty sensor in the seatbelt handle, where you connect and disconnect it. The problem may just be some dirt on the contact.

how to repair 1999 Toyota Camry radiator hose upper connection pipe

It will cost approximately $400 to repair the lifters on your 2000 Toyota Camry. It can cost is much as $800 to repair the valves.

Please take a look at this link. I had the same problem and wondered how to open the door panel.

you have to get a tech at a dealership to do it. but they normally only do it for law enforcement (detectives) that have a letter from there department. Sucky I know. I work for Toyota and drive a Camry the alarm drives me nuts.

The best place to find a diagram for the fuses in a 1992 Camry is to look at a Chilton's auto repair manual for the 1992 Toyota Camry. Chilton is the name of a company that produces auto repair manuals for almost every make of car.

Firewall separates engine bay from the passenger cabin.

The fuel reset button for a 1992 Toyota Camry is in the trunk behind the fabric on the passenger side. On some models of Camrys, the button is on the passenger side under the dash.

If you go to you can type in car repair manual for 1993 Camry. If you can't find one on eBay you can go to and search your city to find one.

You can find it on the top of the engine. There is only one cap. On Camry 1997-2001 it's closer to the passenger side.

i had a problem with my 90' Camry passenger shoulder belt, how it wouldn't move anymore. I brought it to my mechanic and he told me it was a bracket that was connected to the door handle and a switch on the side of the door, the part is a special order part (which Toyota only has)which cost about $385. it cost me $495 part tax and labor to get it fixed, and it was worth it because my car only had 102,216 miles on it

The switch could be bad at the passenger seat. The switch could be bad at the passenger seat.

While this is illeagal and will void warranties it is easy. simply clip the wire that is attached to the seat belt and bolt it to the seat frame. the tells the computer that the seatbelt is locked. some cars have a passenger sensor too just repeat for other side.

Amp LocationMost amplifiers that come stock for the stereo are under the passenger side seat. Although some amps are located under the passenger side seat, the amp for the 1997 Camry is located on the passenger wall just behind the glove box.

To repair the dash lights on a 1993 Camry, it is best to first check the fuse to make sure it is still operable. If that is OK, check the light bulb to make sure that it is still in working condition.

Behind the footwell kick panel on passenger side.

You can find the 2004 Toyota Camry cabin air filter behind the passenger side dashboard. You will need to remove the passenger side kick plate in order to access the cabin air filter.

You can purchase a Toyota repair manual or ask us!

It's located on the top of the glove box compartment.

A Toyota Camry built in 1998 takes DOT 3 brake fluid. This is the standard brake fluid for passenger cars.

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