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contact xbox 1-800-my-xbox and see if you still have warranty on it and if you do they will send you a box and they will pay for shipping and it will get fixed free.

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How To Repair Xbox 360 DVD?

Hi, Yes Xbox 360 has lots of problems from red light error to DVD freezing. First check few things 1:- Check your DVD? Is it clean or have scratches? 2:- Clean your DVD-Rom Lenses 3:- Keep your console in cool place not cover with any thing If still you got the problem, then I am giving you a link, follow it and you will get the real solution for Xbox 360 DVD repair. Source:

How do you watch a DVD on Xbox not Xbox 360?

You need to get an Xbox Remote for the Xbox before you can play DVD movies.

Does an Xbox have a DVD player?

Yes Xbox and the Xbox 360 both have DVD Drives that can play DVD movies. Also the xbox 360 Elite has an option HD-DVD drive you can purchase but since HD-DVD is no longer being produced it's pointless to buy it.

Where can one repair their Xbox?

There are some guides on the internet that assist people on how to repair their Xbox for free or without spending too much money. The Xbox official website and Microsoft have repair support for an Xbox.

New Xbox slim or repair old Xbox?

new xbox even if they repair it it will red ring of death or do what happen again

Can you use an Xbox 360 DVD drive in an original Xbox?


Use an Xbox DVD movie playback kit on Xbox 360?

There's no point? The Xbox 360 will play any DVD without anything but a controller or a xbox 360 remote

Can you get your Xbox 360 DVD key from your Xbox 360 motherboard?

DVD key? I think if you look on the DVD drive itself it may say something about a key.

Can you play burn DVD on xbox360?

I am not sure if you actually can, but if it is possible, I know it will completely mess up the XBox 360 beyond repair. I has to do with one of Microsoft's Pirating policies.

Why will your xbox 360 s play games but not DVDs?

Some older Xbox 360 consoles don't have DVD drives in them. The Xbox 360 S has a DVD drive in it but the Arcade and Elite do not.

Can Xbox 360 play bluray DVD?


Does Xbox have Blu-ray DVD?


Can you put a DVD in a xbox 360?


What do you do to play a DVD on a xbox?

put the disk in

Is minecraft on a DVD for Xbox 360?

Yes it is

What DVD repair machine model do you recommend for a video game store?

What DVD repair machine model do you recommend for a video game store

How do you play movies on xbox?

I don't have an XBOX, but I'm pretty sure this would invlolve inserting the DVD into your console. If this doesn't work, get a DVD player.

Can you play DVD on the Xbox kinetic?

No you cannot play DVDs on the Xbox Kinect although you can play them on the Xbox itself.

Where can one take a faulty Xbox 360 to have it repaired?

XBox 360 repairs are available at the following: XBox 360 Repair Guide, XBox 360 Pros, Playtime Service, Videogame 911, XBox 360 Repair Kits and Gum Tree.

What is the best place to get an Xbox repaired?

There are no national electronics repair chains that specialize in Xbox repair. There are, however, some local shops depending on your location. Alternatively, if the Xbox is still under warranty, it can be sent back Microsoft for repair or replacement.

Can you send of your Xbox 360 to Microsoft if chipped?

No, Xbox does not repair cosmetic damage.

Can you play DVD-R on Xbox 360?

Yes but it depends what is on the DVD-R.

Where can one find information to repair a broken Xbox?

People can find information to repair a broken Xbox from the website such as the llamma's adventures in Xbox, there have a lot of tips, trick and link in this website.

How do you burn DVDs with Xbox 360?

You can not burn DVDs with an Xbox 360. It does not have a DVD burner.

Does the Xbox 360 play DVDs?

If it works on a DVD player, it works on a xbox 360