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How do you repair or fill 1986 air conditioner?

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Do you give warranty to the services?

If face any issue with you air conditioner then reach to us through the website Blue star AC Repair pune. We offer all kinds of repair and services we have well experienced technicians teams to solve your issues. We specially deal with the window air conditioner, split air conditioner and convection air conditioner Blue Star AC Repair Pune.

Why doesn't the air conditioner get cold?

it is broken and needs repair

How do you fill an e500 air conditioner?

With urine works best.

How do you bleed the air out of a car air conditioner?

You need to take it to a qualified air conditioner repair shop and have them Recover, Evacuate and Recharge the unit to the proper specifications.

How do you fix an air conditioner in a 1997 Chevrolet 1500?

First, look for an air conditioner repair person. Or call Chevrolet Company for advice.

How do I replace the compressor in my porable air conditioning?

The replacement of a compressor in a portable air conditioner can pose potential hazards and may lead to the permanent destruction of your portable air conditioner. I would recommend bringing your portable air conditioner to an appliance repair shop and hire someone who is appropriately equipped to repair air conditioners.

What type of refrigerant does a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme air conditioner require?

what type of refrigerant does a 1986 oldsmobile cuttlas suprem air conditioner require? reply to:

How do you repair 92 gmc air conditioner?

You call a Fix it man

How can i find out what kind of air conditoner repair services i need?

First determine the symptoms the air conditioner is having. For example, does it have power, is the fan running but no cold air, is the cold air not cold enough? Then you can look up possible causes on the web in sites like

How simple is it to repair an air conditioner?

Depending on the problem, it can be quite difficult to repair an air conditioner. I really would recommend calling in a professional instead of messing with it yourself because if you break something, you're in trouble.

Auto Air Conditioner Repair?

form_title=Find an Auto Air Conditioner Repairman form_header=If you're air conditioner is out, fix it quickly by finding a repair shop in your area. Describe the problems with the AC:=_ What type of car do you have?=_ Do you have a warranty on the car?= () Yes () No

Where is low side ac port on 1986 caprice?

You can find the low side air-conditioner import on the top of your 1986 Chevy Caprice air conditioning compressor. The low side air-conditioner port will have a blue top.

Can a 1986 Cadillac run without the fan for the air conditioner?


My LG Air conditioner needs repair. Can you suggest a good place in San Diego?

Bill Howe Plumbing Inc is a good place for LG Air conditioner repair in San Diego. You can also check out ASI HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING

How can you repair freon leaks in your air conditioner?

There are commercially available sealers made.

AC Repair?

form_title=AC Repair form_header=Controlling the air in your vehicle is important for a comfortable drive. If you have a broken AC, we will help you find the AC repair technician you need. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ Is your fan blowing?= () Yes () No () Not Sure Have you noticed any strange smells coming from the air conditioner?= () Yes () No () Not Sure When did you notice the problem?=_

Chevy trailblazer 2004 Why doesn't the air blow out of the front vents when the air conditioner is on?

The air of your Chevy trailblazer 2004 blow out of the front vents when the air conditioner is on because the air condition is faulty and it needs repair.

Where is the low side freon fill port on a 1993 Honda Accord?

The 1993 Honda Accord low side Freon fill port will be on the air conditioner compressor. The air conditioner compressor will be on the left-hand side of the engine.

How do you repair a air conditioner in a 1998windstar?

The first step is determining what's wrong with it. Until you do that, you'll never figure out how to repair it.

How do you repair an auto air conditioner?

Yes, the wikihow site for fixing automobile air conditioners may be able to help you. The website link is's-Air-Conditioner.

What phase of phase motor would I need to fix my air conditioning unit?

Contact your local HVAC service and repair man Bring Air Conditioner to a Specialist. Do not attempt to open or repair the air conditioner your self, harmful chemicals can be released if not properly serviced.

What causes mold around air conditioning vents?

The air conditioner condenses water from the air. If the air conditioner is not draining correctly this water will spray though the system. Water and moisture are needed to support mould growth. You need to clean and repair your air conditioner drain system.

How do you replace air conditioner compressor in 2000 Honda accord?

take it to a repair shop

Smell coming from reverse cycle air conditioner?

A smell coming from a reverse cycle air conditioner may be a signal that the filter needs to be cleaned. A smell like engine exhaust might be present if the air conditioner motor is in need of repair.

Mazda b2300 air conditioner?

Mazda B2300 air conditioner is composed of many parts that the total cost can range between $800 and $1200. You can visit a Mazda dealer or a local auto repair shop for detailed information on the air conditioner.