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How do you repair or replace a cigarette lighter that does not work?


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2015-07-15 20:50:30
2015-07-15 20:50:30
location number of the fuseFirst check your fuses. If that isn't the problem try this: take a small flat head screw driver and gently bend the two prongs out a little bit. They are used to hold the lighter in place so that it will operate properly. If your lighter works with the key off remove the fuse first. As for replacing the lighter there are two wires connected on the back side you'll need to remove them. On some lighters you will have to unscrew the outer body to remove the lighter others have a nut that has to be removed. Access to the back side of the lighter is always a pain and how you gain access depends on the make, model and year. I you.

I had a cigarette lighter that didn't work. I checked the fuse and it looked completely fine. I took it to an auto electric shop and the problem turned out to be a FUSE! He said there may have been a very small crack that couldn't be seen. Anyway, I would recommend replacing any fuse with a new one even if the current fuse looks good. You can't go wrong for a buck or two. Good Luck.


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Check fuse, or replace the lighter.

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Answerbeacuse there is no either have a blown fuse or you need to replace the lighter

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just take the old one out, any car lighter will work

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No, the engine does not have to be running for the cigarette lighter to work. The ingition key must be in the Accessory position (2 clicks) before the cigarette lighter will work. Hope this helped.

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check the fuses,if it has currents,,and still don't work, then replace the cigarret coil lighter that you use to light up the cigarrete with

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