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Q: How do you repair the safety of a firearm?
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Can the safety on a pistol fail?

ANY mechanical system- including the safety on a firearm- CAN fail. This is the reason for the basic firearm safety rules- including "do not point a firearm at anything you do not mean to shoot." It is rare, but CAN happen.

What does a firearm safety do?

It prevents the firearm from discharging before the shooter means to have it discharge.

What is firearm safety?

Learning to, and handling a firearm in such a manner as to not cause unintended harm or damage.

What is the purpose of doing a safety inspection on a firearm?

To insure that a firearm is in safe condition to use.

What is a firearm safety intended for?

To prevent a premature or unintended discharge of the firearm. It does NOT replace common sense.

Is there a recall on Remington model 700 safety?

The Safety recall only includes M700 and M40X made before March 1982 which have a bolt lock system. Contact Remington or a Remington authorized repair center for details. Repair will cost owner of said firearm $US20 plus S&H cost.

Where is the safety catch on the firearm model SW40ve?

that's cool

What is the purpose of a safety on a gun?

To render the firearm incapable of firing.

Where is the safety located on a firearm?

Different places on different guns.

When should the safety of your firearm not be taken off?

When you do not intend to fire the weapon.

What is the second rule of firearm safety?

Consider every gun loaded

How do you get another copy of your firearm safety card?

Request one from the issuing agency

When hunting the safety of your firearm should not be taken off until?

Ready to shoot

What is most important rule in firearm safety?

Treat all weapons as if they are loaded.

How do you repair seatbelt on a 1990 Ford Thunderbird?

Dont repair...just replace it for your safety!

How do you convince my parents to let me handle a firearm?

ask about gun safety,ask for an explanation safety procedures. That will open the door for knowledge necessary for axcess

What is the National Rifle Association of America's purpose?

Promote safety and protect your right to own a firearm

Safety rules for firearms?

Treat all firearms as if they were loaded until you have checked the firearm yourself. Do not load a firearm until ready to use it. Do not point a firearm at anything you do not mean to destroy. Keep the safety on, and your finger OUT of the trigger guard until ready to shoot. Know your target, and what is BEYOND your target. Do not shoot at hard objects or at water- this can cause the bullet to ricochet

Where can you get a Winchester model 427 repaired?

Any good qualified gunsmith should be able to repair your winchester,as long as he could obtain the parts required to repair your firearm.

What are two safety procedures for storing firearms?

Store ammunition and the firearm in a different places.Ensure that no ammunition is left in the firearm when in storage (i.e. chamber is empty, magazine is empty or removed.)

How do you remove the magazine disconnect from a browning hi power?

Not recommended to disable any safety feature on a firearm.

What age do you not need firearm safety class to buy deer license?

Depends on State law where you live.

Why is it nessasary to store gun and ammo seperatly?

As a matter of safety- to reduce the chances of unauthorized use of the firearm

How much to repair brake line on 1985 Oldsmobile?

do not repair it repace it for safety sake do not shortcut any brake proublems.

What agencies govern safety guidelines in auto repair shops?