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How do you replace 2000 gmc Yukon horn?


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December 30, 2010 12:41PM

have you opened the electrical box under the hood to check the horn fuse? someone just showed this to me recently for my 01 yukon. pull off the top and you'll see a map of fuses. one is called "Horn," which should have a "15" on the actual fuse. use some needle-nose pliers to pull it out. you should find that, instead of the fuse being a complete smooth bell curve inside, there is a singed middle area, and the curve is broken. just buy a small box of fuses at any auto store (get the multi-pack, or just a pack of 15's), and pop in the new one!

for some reason, my fuse keeps blowing for the horn, and I don't know why it's become a chronic issue. that's a question I need answered.

Your horn should be located on the front passenger side behind the passenger splash guard located in the wheel well. it is well out of sight from the engine compartment. You should be able to get under the car and see a conch snail shape held by a bracket on the other side of the passenger splash guard covered by the bumper. Remove the electrical connector from the horn (you should be able to pull it right out, beware that theire could be a clip holding the connection in place so be sure to release it if it has one) and remove the bolt off (should be one) the bracket then repeat this with the replacement if it turns out not to be a fuse. Hope you get it fixed wouldn't do this if you are not comfortable working on cars, remember to also apply your parking brake and remove the battery for extra safety.