How do you replace Windows 7 with Windows Vista?

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what in gods name would posses you to commit such an act of stupidity!?! If you must you will need to boot the PC with a Vista install disk in the DVD drive, make sure CD/DVD drive is listed above HDD in BIOS and boot from CD. When the setup runs you will be able to format the HDD and install Vista fresh - caution formating the HDD will erase ALL data inc. programs, files etc.
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Is the Windows 7 Beta a good enough replacement for Windows Vista?

In my opinion, no it is not, the Beta expires on August 2009, the RC expires on July, 2010, however, if you plan to purchase Windows 7, I highly recommend upgrade as Windows 7 has passed several benchmarks showing that it is faster and performs better than it's predecessors.

How does Windows 7 compare to Windows Vista?

Windows 7 doesn't really compare to Windows Vista. However, Windows 7 is way better than Windows Vista, because it doesn't have any bugs, viruses, malware, spyware, etc. and it is much, much faster.

Windows Vista or windows 7?

I would say Windows 7. Normally i would say it's what suits you but in this case, know for a fact that Windows 7 is much less frustrating than Vista. It doesn't crash (as much), its much faster, better UI, comes with more updated preloaded software. Its just better in total. Believe me. Google it ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7?

Windows 7: . is a lot faster and has higher performance than Vista. . has Touchscreen and multi-touch input . has a new taskbar, which is slightly larger, and has a nice 'jump menu' when you right click the taskbar icons. . has a lot more 'fat' removed, taking up less space on your hard driv ( Full Answer )

Is Windows Vista compatible with Windows 7?

Windows Vista is an operating system, not an application. It does not run "on" Windows 7 so it cannot be said to be "compatible" with it. Drivers and applications written for Windows Vista will continue to work on Windows 7. The reverse may not necessarily be true. Vista and 7 use the same kern ( Full Answer )

Is Windows Vista and Windows 7 the same thing?

No Windows Vista was introduced in 2006 and . Windows 7 was released in 2009. They both, however, run on the same kernel. so they are very compatible with each other.

Can you upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7?

It depends on your computer hardware and the service pack you have installed with Windows Vista. Try running Windows 7 Upgrade adviser (see link in 'Related links' further down the page.) Yes, but make sure your PC meets these requirements: . 1 GHz processor (32- or 64-bit) . 1 GB of RAM (32-bit); ( Full Answer )

How do you downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows Vista?

Of course, backup all your files to an external hard drive andperform a clean install with your Vista disk. They only make iteasy to upgrade never downgrade. If you do not have an externalhard drive, create a disk partition to use as your file backup.

How do you connect Windows 7 computer with Windows Vista computer?

Windows computers are made to communicate with each other as long as they are on the same internet Network. You could have Windows XP communicate with Windows Vista and Windows Vista communicate with Windows 7. They will all talk with each other and you should have no problems aslong as your Network ( Full Answer )

What is faster Windows Vista or Windows 7?

Generally, Windows 7 is faster than Windows Vista. This is partly through a process of analysis of code to look for bottlenecks between Vista and 7 and improved memory management of screen Windows in 7.

Why is Windows Vista worse than Windows 7?

Since that is an opinionated question i am assuming you want someopinions why vista is worse than 7. First, vista is not as user-friendly. Second, the windows sidebar(or "gadgets") use a lot of electricity, so a laptop battery didnot last long with it enabled. Third, windows 7 has superior speed.Fou ( Full Answer )

Can you put Windows 7 on a computer with Windows Vista?

You have to run the windows 7 upgrade advisor and fix any problems that it says and if you re OK then put the disk in and install windows 7 or go to the store and buy a copy... You can find windows 7 upgrade advisor at the Microsoft website

Can Windows 7 be installed on a computer that has Windows Vista?

Hopefully, you bought additional memory and hard drive space whenyou purchased your Vista machine. The basic requirements forWindows 7 are shown below, but remember these are minimums. Theprograms may run slowly and will document refresh may be affected.Be sure to copy all of your documents to exter ( Full Answer )

Why upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7?

Windows Vista is an awful piece of software. It's slow and hadnumerous development problems. Microsoft did a terrible job... (Igot a Mac Book because I was so mad) Windows 7 is a greatimprovement! It runs more like a real Windows computer should! Soin conclusion, Vista = garbage and Windows 7 = The ( Full Answer )

What does Windows 7 do that Windows Vista does not?

There are many new additions to Windows 7, including: -Jumplists -Built-in ISO burner -Customization of Notification Area -XP Mode (Not just compatibility view) -Improved touch/touchscreen capability -Record steps of your problem to send to someone with the "Problem Steps Recorder" -Magnifier -Bet ( Full Answer )

Is it worthwhile upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows Vista?

If there are some programs you need to run that require the upgrade then sure. But on my 2 home computers, one has Vista the other has XP. I do not plan on getting 7 anytime soon. I have nothing against it. But it seems to be more of a money grab by Microsoft than anything else.

What is the name of the mail client in Windows Vista and Windows 7?

Windows Live Mail is the mail client Windows offers. However, in Windows 7 you will first need to download Windows Live first. It is free, and can directly be downloaded from Microsoft's website. It will come with other software as well, but Windows Mail will be included.

How do you install Windows 7 on a computer that has Windows Vista?

all you have to do is insert the disc and allow it to go through the installation process and it should go off withou a hitch, I've do it many times. Just pay attention to the instructions as you are going through the install process

Can you downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows Vista?

You can, but you have to format the computer, and you need Windows Vista Approved CD. Also, Remember to backup the computer first to any drive, for example Portable Drives which has 500GBs.

Is Windows 7 like Vista?

Windows 7 is nearly identical to Vista, but with many "fit and finish" along with performance and usability improvements. For example, the graphics engine uses Vista's then-new engines to render your desktop using your Graphics Card, which reduces CPU and memory use while boosting reliability (the ( Full Answer )

What do you do to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7?

first you need to buy the windows 7 upgrade, which is about 300 or so dollars. then, you open it. it has instructions on how to install from there. To find windows 7, search "Windows 7 upgrade" on Google.

What Windows 7 tool replaces the Vista Security Center?

windows action center The security center was quite useful but in Windows 7 its made better. In windows 7 it is called Action center, that's were you can view all your notifications about your computer as well as viewing your security. You can access it by typing it into the start menu or by right c ( Full Answer )

Can you replace Windows 7 with Windows xp?

although windows 7 is more powerful, has a higher marketing value, and tends to preferred by users it is possible to replace as long as you have the windows 7 and XP disks. RECCOMENDATION: go to best buy and get someone from geek squad to do it, because if you make a mistake you could damage your c ( Full Answer )

Can one upgrade from Windows Vista or XP to Windows 7?

Yes, you can certainly upgrade a Windows Vista or XP to a Windows 7 based on the capability of the computer and software. You would have to install a special Windows software for the upgrade.

What do Windows 7 and Vista have in common?

Not very much because they made to be different, because windows vista wasn't all that good. Some things they do have in common are, they both have windows aero. Updated start menu, updated utilities.

Will Windows Vista ram work on Windows 7?

No reason why not - since the configuration of the RAM chips has nothing to do with the operating system. So long as the computer you're transferring the RAM chips to is capable of running Windows 7 - it should be fine.

Can Windows 8 be replaced with Windows 7?

Apparently, Windows 8 can be 'rolled back' to Windows 7. HOWEVER - some manufacturers say your warranty is void if you do it - and will not do a (free) repair if your computer goes faulty within the guarantee period !

Is it worth upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7?

It is totally worth upgrading to Windows 7. Windows 7 is much faster than Windows Vista, because of some memory management and service issues in Windows Vista. I think Windows 7 is easier to use because of the interface. However some might disagree, because some people are used to Windows XP and Win ( Full Answer )

What operating system did Windows Vista replace?

Windows Vista was technically the replacement for Windows Xp. However, it was so unpopular that many users simply waited for the release of Windows 7 to upgrade.

Can Windows 8 be replace with windows 7?

You can apparently 'roll back' a Windows 8 computer to Windows 7... HOWEVER - some computer manufacturers have said they will not repair a Windows 8 machine (even if it's still under warranty) if it's been rolled back ! They claim rolling a Windows 8 machine back to Windows 7 voids the warranty !

How do you change Windows Vista to 7?

You'll need a copy of windows 7 on a CD, and the activation key ready. Make sure you back up all your files before switching, because installing a new operating system over the old one will reset your hard drive. CD's can be bought online, purchased and downloaded with a valid product key (requires ( Full Answer )