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How do you replace a 2005 altima seat belt?


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2012-01-16 22:07:33

how can i replace the seat belt for an altima 2005, this seat belts was locked because the air bags was activated



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In your case, in the driver's seat.

Buckle the seat belt around the back of the seat

Replace it. Any marginally working seat belt should be replaced.

remove the seat to access screws

Replace the belt and buckle as one unit.

replace it happened to me

Disconnect electrical connector under driver seat that connects to seat belt device.

take it to the Toyota dealership and ask them to replace it

Seat belts are never repaired, replaced only.

A seat belt that will not retract in a 1993 Altima might be twisted in the mechanism on the floor of the vehicle. This part of the seat belt mechanism should be taken apart and inspected. If possible, try pulling it out as far as it will go and then see if it will retract.

you can't. only llamas can. So, hire a llama.

My 2003 Ford Explorer mid seat retractable seat belt doesn't retrack,how do i fix it?

Seat belt extenders are generally available from the dealer and often at no cost.

You take that thing called a seat belt and plug it into the other part .

the receiver for the belt has a sensor. if it fails the light will continue to flash even though the belt is buckled. replace it!

Remove the seat. Remove the battery. Replace the battery. Replace the seat.

You need to remove the rear seat, then remove the package tray.

unplug the sensor attachment from right under the seat

How do I remove the female seat belt assembly on a 97 ford exploer?

The only why to repair the seat belt (retractor) is to replace the assembly,no parts are available to rebuild this assembly.

seat belts have a unlimited warranty. the belt gets twisted and they replace for free!

Don't even mess with this. Replace the belt! This is a serious safety issue. FriPilot

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