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How do you replace a fuel filter on a 2003 GMC Yukon?


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January 26, 2009 5:27PM

I just replaced the filter today. It is a pain! The way I did it was: First, I disconnected the fuse to the fuel pump (lots of pressure) and ran the car until it died. I took off the entire hose and filter assembly (about 1 foot long. Interestingly enough, the connection at the box is only held with a clip (easily removed). Second, I bought a quick disconnect tool at Autozone part #246367 25043 for $7.99, however GM makes it so there is not enough room to insert it. SSOOOO, I ended up cutting of the pipe from the filter as close to the base as i could. Then, with the straight fitting sticking out, i was able to use the tool. Keep this in mind, using the tool STILL destroyed the quick connect metal clip, so you can probably plan to just force it off on the frame. I bought new Steel connector clips from Oreilly's auto parts. It is doorman part# 800-025. I slipped that on the plastic connect on the filter ( you can probably install it in the filter opening, but I wanted it to compress as it was going in so I could see everything lining up), aligned it with the filter opening and pushed it all together. Then, I reinstalled it on the car and checked for leaks. It worked and no leaks. Sorry, no pix. Hope this helps.